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There's a plant-based pharmacy waiting to be discovered in your forest!!

Learn the Skills and Experience You Need to Feed Your Family for Free, Live a Sustainable Lifestyle and Eat the Healthiest Foods on the Planet!

An easy-to-follow, 17-week online course completely laid out to introduce you to the food and medicine waiting to be discovered in your backyard or local forest!

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*This adventure packed and popular program is going into retirement, so Sergei can forage pastures new. This is the last opportunity to sign up....gulp....ever! Even if you do not have the time just now, we suggest joining us anyway. You can work through it at your leisure with continued support. Enquire if there is still space to join the final session by emailing heather at terawarner dot com*

From the Desk of Tera Warner

Montreal, QC

Dear Health-Seeking Heroine,

What if I could tell you how to improve your diet, increase the nutritional value of the food you eat, AND do it while saving you hundreds of dollars a month on your grocery bill??

The Women's Wellness University proudly presents her first online distance learning course:

wild food

Introduction to Wild Edibles & Healthy, Sustainable Living
with Sergei Boutenko

Listen to what Sergei has to say about the importance of wild edibles:

Meet Your Teachers:

Sergei Boutenko, wild-edible expert

Sergei Boutenko is the author of several books on nutrition and wild edibles. When Sergei was 9 years old he was

sergei boutenko

diagnosed with diabetes and told to take insulin shots for the rest of his life. Instead of taking the conventional approach, Sergei changed his diet and began a vigorous exercise regime. Within several months, Sergei had reversed his symptoms and received a clean bill of health from his doctor.

In 1998, Sergei and his family embarked on a six-month journey to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans 2,650 miles from start to finish. Due to food shortages, the Boutenko family was forced to experiment with wild edibles. This practice quickly became a daily ritual that was fun and healthful. By the end of the six-months, the Boutenko managed to further improved their health and energy levels as well as hone their skills for seeking out and safely harvesting wild plants for food. Sergei now travels around the globe giving seminars about healthy eating and wild edibles.

Sergei holds a degree in Communication from Sothern Oregon University. When he is not teaching, he spends his time filming and editing educational films related to diet and edible plants. Many of these free films can be found at www.SergeiBoutenko.com.

Tera Warner, monkey-lovin' mama

teraTera Warner is a monkey-loving mama of two, and when she's not thinkin up the next great revolution in health for women, she's chatting on the phone with some of the coolest people this planet has got, and keeps busy bringing their wisdom to the world around her.

She's not got any fancy pants credentials and no acronymns after her name. She's just a feisty woman like you who is committed to learning everything she can to support her family, her loved ones and improving the condition of life on this gorgeous spinning blue ball of love in the universe!

She believes great health and well-being is possible in any economy and that's why she's started the Women's Wellness University to engage women around the world in essential, affordable education they can USE!


Meet Your Wild Edible Support Coach:

Heather Gardner

Heather GardnerHeather Gardner was born a 3rd generation vegetarian onto an organic farm in Wales, and raised on a remote Irish mountainside by her herbalist and homeopath mother, her unique lifelong knowlege of pure plant powered living has turned into her lifes passion. Seeking solutions to her own health challenges she commited herself to studying and practising the healing properties of wild plants, herbs and nutrition as a teenager, later studying natural nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and many other healing modalities. She has worked for over 10 years in the UK natural products industry as a health & beauty manager at Wholefoods and Planet Organic, aswell as a natural remedies trainer and brand manager traveling to train staff in the healthstores of UK & Ireland. In these years she recieved a high level of training and insight to the properties of uses of herbs and natural diet, using this knowledge to guide people towards achieving better health naturally. A long term commited high raw foodist and a parent, Heather now lives peacefully in nature surrounded by her beloved wild plants and is dedicated to inspiring and uplifting through her workshops, on raw foods, wild food and natural beauty aswell as teaching Kundalini yoga.

You can connect with Heather for daily inspiration in natural health and raw food on her facebook page www.facebook.com/therawteacher.


Here's what to expect in this 17-week distance learning program:

Spring Preparations & Harvest

Recipes and practical assignments will be given for this and every module.

weedsBonus PDF: Vital Study and Preparation for Spring
Loaded with recipes, menu suggestions, articles and the complete transcription of this module will be included with our selected wild edibles and survival strategies for the seasons!

Sprouts & Window Gardening

Learn the best tips, strategies and wives' tale tricks that will make your indoor garden grow with abundance! Sprouts are some of the most affordable and nutritionally dense foods you can possibly eat! This module will be great for your health and your budget and is the cornerstone to healthy survival skills for every family! Practical assignments will be given.


General Identifying Features and Plant Structure

In this episode we can look at some of the key features of plants and how to identify them. You'll look at leaf, flower, stem and branch structure and get vital information you need to correctly identify plants! THis is essential background to your study of wild edibles and absolutely important to know before you start into the abundant feasting season of spring. Learn how to identify the plants that will become your summer time feasts! Practical assignments will be given.

Poisonous Plants

We can take some time during this season to look at some of the most poisonous plants in North America. How to identify them and avoid them! This is one of the most important things to study when deciding to embrace the wild edible side of life and essential study material as we move into preparations for Spring harvesting. Practical assignments will be given.

Spring Harvest Preparation Q&A with Sergei and Tera

Get any of your questions about the preparation and identification modules answered in this Q&A call with Sergei and Tera.

Wild Summer Edibles

Recipes and practical assignments will be given for this and every module.

wild greensBonus PDF: Wild Edibles in Summer
Loaded with recipes, menu suggestions, articles and the complete transcription of this module will be included with our selected wild edibles and survival strategies for the seasons!

Summer Edibles and Flowers Part I

By now spring should be done and new edibles will be abundant all over the place. In this episode lets look at edible flowers such as dandelion, nasturtiums, clovers, wild strawberry, wild onion, wild lilies, wild rose, and miners lettuce. We will also look at fresh, light green pine needles. Practical assignments will be given.

Wild Grass Juice and Smoothies

In this episode we can take an in depth look at the nutritional benefits of grass, not just wheat grass, and talk about how we can consume it safely and pleasantly! I have some delicious juice and smoothie recipes that kill the taste of chlorophyll. We can also discuss how to make juice in a blender by straining out the pulp. Practical assignments will be given.

Summer Edibles and Flowers Part II

In part two of this series, we'll discover and learn to identify and harvest salsify, sheep sorrel, daisy, dock, pennycress, shepherds purse, salsify, thistle, wild violet, fools onion, water cress, prickly lettuce, yarrow, chicory, etc. Practical assignments will be given.

Cattails! (Who knew?!)

An in depth look at the many ways in which you can eat cattails! Practical assignments will be given.

Summer Edibles Q&A with Sergei and Tera

This will be your last chance to send in your questions to Tera and Sergei asking any questions about the materials learned until this point.

Check out Sergei in action:

(You'll get exclusive videos like this one throughout your course!)

Exploring Autumn Edibles

Recipes and practical assignments will be given for this and every module.

berriesBonus PDF: Autumn Edibles Explored

Loaded with recipes, menu suggestions, articles and the complete transcription of this module will be included with our selected wild edibles and survival strategies for the seasons!

Trees You Can Eat and Their Treats

Trees please! There is so much to know about the trees, their needles and bark and delicious sappy treats that can be used for a variety of reasons. As the leaves fall you'll start to bond with bark and branches and make a feast of the trees around you! Practical assignments will be given.

Berry Important Forest Foods

Discover nature's low-budget superfoods with an investigation of fall berries such as, wild strawberries, salal berries, huckleberries, thimbleberries, gooseberries, currents, serviceberries, salmon berries, blackberries, and raspberries. Learn not just about berries, but their bushes and how to use the roots, shoots leaves and branches for more than just huckleberry pie! Practical assignments will be given.

Preparations for the Cold, Winter Months

Learn what you need to know to prepare and store your foraged foods for the winter months. The cold is coming and there's a lot you can do to prepare for it. Get ready to dry needles and leaves and even make pesto from chickweed! There's a lot you can do to harvest the end of the season's treats and help you make the most out of the season of snow! We will discuss how to dry or dehydrate what we harvest, how to store it, and how to make a drying station if you do not have a dehydrator. Learn how to pick and harvest acorns and figure out how the squirrel does so well through the winter! Practical assignments will be given.

Autumn Edibles Q&A With Sergei and Tera

Get any of your questions about the autumn season edibles answered in this Q&A call with Sergei and Tera.

Final Practical Exam and Certification Exercises!

We're not going to let you snooze on the telephone and nibble on your fingernails when you should be out there hunting for rose hips!

We want to make sure that you walk away from this program with the practical information you need AND the ability to ACTUALLY USE that information to eat in the wild.

Wild Edibles in the Winter

Recipes and practical assignments will be given for this and every module.

winterBonus PDF: Wild Edibles in Winter
Loaded with recipes, menu suggestions, articles and the complete transcription of this module will be included with our selected wild edibles and survival strategies for the seasons!

Thriving on Wild Edibles in Winter

Obviously if you live in California, wild edibles will still be abundant, but for those of us in the North, or those of us who want to know what we would need to do to be more self-sufficient, this episode will be very helpful! Practical assignment will be given.

Steamy Solutions for Staying Healthy

Not everyone is up to a 100% raw food diet all year round. If you like a bit of steam in your soup, then these bonus recipes and PDF materials will help keep you feeling toasty in the winter without the toast! Practical assignments will be given.

Rose Hips, Roots and Other Winter Nibbles

Let's take a look at some foods that are available during the cold winter months. We can discuss how to harvest rose hips, roots, tree bark, and any thing else that's around. You'll learn how to recognize certain plants when they are shriveled up! Practical assignments will be given.

Winter Edibles Q&A with Sergei and Tera

Get any of your questions about the winter season edibles answered in this Q&A call with Sergei and Tera.

You'll receive videos like this one as part of your exclusive instruction in Wild Edibles Course:

Here's what happens when you complete your enrollment:

sergeiEvery week we'll send you a new lecture, video or assignment according to the module and course outline. Generally, you will not be expected to spend more than 20 minutes getting acquainted with the core information.

We want to keep it to the stuff you most need to know.

But that 20 minutes will be packed with info that will take an entire week to implement in your daily life.

The core focus of our program is IMPLEMENTATION.

We're not gonna stuff your noggin with more data you don't need. We want to keep it practical and powerful.

Each week's lesson will come with a practical assignment that you'll be expected to complete at the end of the week BEFORE your next module begins. Further instructions, support, details on how to access the curriculum and the community will be made available upon registering!

This is NOT your average "university" course!!

Imagine a new kind of learning environment...

Most people are suffering from an excess of information. They're addicted to the next e-book and looking for a quick fix solution, but they load themselves up with information they do not use.

How much of the information you have are you actually using?

What if there was a way you could learn, in the comfort of your own home, the backbone of life--the nitty gritty information you really need to know to feel empowered about your health and your family's health?

What if you could know that you are only passed the nuggets you needed to know--that all of the fluff and unnecessary stuff has been taken off the top, so your time is focused, productive and well spent?

And what if you could study in an environment where 3/4 of the time, support and attention is given to the application and practical use of data, not the data itself?

What if you could feel confident and empowered in all kinds of environments, climates and situations finding food and even medicinal plants to support you and your loved ones?

And what if the teachers were a blast, the tests were based on real life experiences, and at the end of the course you could feel confident being able to apply the information you've learned to improve your health and your family's well-being!

Here's how to make it happen!!

Decide you're ready to learn the nitty gritty about life, health and well-being and empower you and your family with the survival skills you need.

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Our "Wild" Woman Guarantee

women's wellness university

We're here slinging our fingers across the keyboard and putting together the best tools and support we have to help you and your family learn the tools to help you eat better and eat for free!

We'll do our very best to surpass your expectations, but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase after the first three weeks of the program, if you don't feel like a wild woman forest forager on the path to finding free foods and loving your life, then we will happily refund your moolah with thanks and appreciation that you were willing to try it out!

kidKids Can Join for Free!

We're committed to your whole family's well-being and the future of life on this planet! That's why we're keeping the content clear, simple and accessible to ANYONE! We encourage you to bring the kids on board!! We'll keep it fresh, playful and practical, and they can attend for FREE! Get your forest investigators fired up for fun and healthy living in the forest!!



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