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The Secret to Having More Energy,
Vibrant Health & Radiant Self-Confidence
is Finally Being Revealed!


It's time to step off the scale and step into Life! 

Hey there,  Health-Seeking Superstar!body enlightenment natural weight loss program

If you're a calorie-counting, pound-watching, inch-pinching person like I used to be...
If you've been on the diet and weight loss roller coaster more times than you can count but are still feeling frumply, lumpy and low on confidence, then THIS IS FOR YOU:

Chances Are Good You Already Know
Everything You Need to Know
to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

You're just not doing it!

The path to healthy living isn't complicated. Everyone knows you need to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep and you'll be fine!  So then why are over 2/3 of Americans overweight and unhealthy?



So we've created our Body Enlightenment System. And for a limited time ONLY you can test drive the complete Body Enlightenment System by taking this 7-Day Test Drive and Raw/Whole Food Cleanse!

The Body Enlightenment program is built on our unique 5 pillar system (food, fitness, beauty, organization and attitude) and in this 7-Day Cleanse and Test Drive, you'll get to experience them all!

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up For This Program:

We realize that you need ALL FIVE areas to be addressed in order for anyone to make any lasting healthy changes. Here's how we include the 5-pillar system into our 7-Day Body Enlightenment Test Drive:

be_healthy-7_day_test_drive_adventure_300ptYour Program Adventure Guide

Learn why we have chosen the food, fitness and general plan we have for this program and also learn exactly what to expect and how all 5 pillars come together to create a life-transformation for you in just 7 days! This guide will help you confidently and playfully prepare for your 7-day adventure!


The Food Pillar: Be Healthy: Your 7-Day Menu Planner

We'll provide you with a complete menu planner loaded with healthy raw food recipes for an entire week! All recipes are nutritionist approved and use simple ingredients, minimal kitchen equipment and are easy to prepare! 


body enlightenment systemThe Fitness Pillar: Be Fit: A Guide That Will Move You

We want to move you and get you feeling fit and fabulous! The best way for us to get you moving is to ensure that the suggestions we provide work for ANY body type! This movement guide will inspire you to sweat, jiggle, wriggle, dance and get your gorgeous body moving!





Look What These Participants of
Our Previous FREE 7-Day Raw Food Detox Said About Their Experience:

"I Lost 10 Pounds!"

First, I would just like to say BRAVO!!!! The 7-day detox literally changed my life. As I told you on the final call I lost 10 pounds...but that is not the kicker. I lost those 10 pounds during what would have been my PMS time. Usually I GAIN weight. Actually, I did not even realize I was PMSing because I did not have the usual symptoms. It sort of just snuck up on me, and that has not happened in years. I am not experiencing the debilitating tiredness either. I know without a doubt it is because of the detox.

After the detox I have continued to eat consciously. I know I will never go back to the way I was...I can't.

Many Hugs!

~ Pamela

"My Head Just Feels So Clear!"

Hi Tera,

This detox week has truly been life changing for me. I considered myself a healthy eater, but I never felt good. I had back pain, sinus problems and never really had great energy. I cannot believe that after just one week I could feel so different. I have been walking everyday with no pain. My head just feels so clear. I have been sleeping through the night which I didn't do before, and I have been remembering my dreams every night. After feeling this great you do not want to go back to eating the wrong kinds of food. This was an amazing experience for me. What a wonderful program you have created. You have given everyone who tries it, the gift of good health. Thank you so much.

~ Michelle



You deserve to feel this good, too!


If You:

  • have got a few extra pounds you wouldn't mind getting rid of
  • are struggling to achieve your health and fitness goals
  • are roller-coastering on an emotional-eating pattern
  • struggle with food cravings and food obsession
  • have been feeling isolated and alone in your pursuit of health
  • are looking to be a part of an inspiring community of women
  • have a knife, a cutting board and a positive attitude
Then you are PERFECTLY qualified to come on board and test drive BE Healthy: 7-Day Body Enlightenment Detox!

Immediately after you sign up, you'll be sent the information you need to participate in our upcoming 7-Day Test Drive and Raw Food Cleanse! 

Get Started Now!

Love and New Beginnings,