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Introducing Our FREE 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge:

green smoothie challengeHere's What's Included in the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge:

  • daily support e-mails!
  • loads of information about why greens are so good for you
  • 3 simple, delicious green smoothie recipes per day
  • downloadable recipe guide and much, much more!

green smoothie challenge

Is this going to be complicated?

This 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge is designed to be followed by any 9-year old.
If you've got one, get them to join you!

What do I need to be able to participate?

Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and a blender. That's it!

"I am finding myself craving smoothies!"

green smoothies are great for young health seekers too!Well I have really incorporated green smoothies into my daily food intake "regiment". I started them before the official start :) and haven't stopped. Most of all I feel great about giving them to my two toddlers daily, too. I am finding myself craving smoothies over regular cooked food and will follow my body's cues as I believe if I am craving things that are not bad for me then I need to listen to my body. ;) What a concept huh?!?!

Thank you so much for the support and venue for me to incorporate more greens than I ever imagined our family eating. I know our bodies are getting great nutrients and the Moore family thanks you very much! Blessings,

- Laura

"He's hooked on green smoothies!"

green smoothie challenge and detoxThis Green Smoothie Challenge was exactly what we needed.

My husband loves greens and will eat whatever green smoothie I make and come up with suggestions. However, I was struggling to get in enough greens, without getting too much fat and salt. I like a salad, but with olives, avocado, grounded sesame, or whatever. Green smoothies solve that problem as they don't need fat or salt, just fruit. Great!!

The nicest change is our youngest son. He's 17 years old, a great kid. And you know what? He likes them and the acne quieted down immediately. From now on he's hooked on green smoothies. He wants one for breakfast and one in the evening. :-D

Thanks Tera!

- Jan


"green smoothie funI had so much energy and
zest for life."

This is a photo of me from my very first Green Smoothie Challenge!!!

I had so much energy and zest for life that I knew nothing could stop me. I was and still am "Green and good to go"! What a change green smoothies have made in my life.

Thank you Tera for sharing and inspiring us all.

Love and Hugs!   - Doll

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