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  • Green Smoothies for Autumn Beauty

    – by Zannie Rose

    We are in the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’

    And it is time for me to acknowledge that I too am  approaching the autumn of  my life…

    There have been signs over the past few years, where time has written her passing.

    Skin creasing and not bouncing back, life appearing lack lustre and weight gain that cannot be ignored. I was beginning to feel less than beautiful, and was losing touch with the beauty of life. Looking too much to the past and not expecting  much of the future. Read more »

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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Spinach at All Ages and Stages!

    – by Zannie Rose

    spinach - healthy for all ages

    One of my early food  memories is helping my grandmother in her kitchen by popping pea pods and collecting the peas in her colander. At home, we had boiled carrots and tinned peas, at school we had over cooked cabbage  and at my auntie’s I discovered the more exotic kidney bean.

    Nowhere did spinach feature on the menu. The closest I got to spinach was watching Popeye. Even when I lived in  a vegetarian household in my 20’s where we shared an evening meal, spinach never appeared. With all its health benefits, it is a wonder I got this far in life without major problems due to insufficient consumption in the first half of my life! Read more »

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    Kale: The Green Osteoporosis Kicker!

    – by Zannie Rose

    kale and bone health - osteoporosis

    I enjoyed an 8 week program I did with a nutritionist a few months ago.  I was looking to become slim again  and thought that a program might help. We looked at what I was eating and how that could be changed where necessary  to support me to get  where I wanted to go.

    The nutritionist was a great advocate of eating green veggies and was passionate about kale. I had only cooked kale a few times, and when I did it was usually lightly fried with onions in a  little olive oil. The closest I got to eating it raw was nibbling a  bit of the kale when chopping and cooking.

    I was surprised to hear that  kale  Read more »

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