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  • Win a FREE Wild Edibles and All-Season Survival Skills Course with Sergei Boutenko!

    Women's Wellness University Wild Edibles Course

    Win a FREE Wild Edibles and All-Season Survival Skills Course

    ~ With Sergei Boutenko!

    Dear Health-Seeking Heroine,

    What if we could tell you how to improve your diet, increase the nutritional value of the food you eat, AND do it while saving you hundreds of dollars a month on your grocery bill??

    There’s a plant-based pharmacy waiting to be discovered in your forest!!

    Learn the Skills and Experience You Need to Feed Your Family for Free, Live a Sustainable Lifestyle and Eat the Healthiest Foods on the Planet! The Women’s Wellness University is currently offering its first course: An easy-to-follow, 17-week online course completely laid out to guarantee you master the skills to access the food and medicine of the forest (or just about any backyard)!

    For this week’s Sassy Free-Stuff Giveaway, you could win a FREE Registration for this High-Support, 17-Week Distance Learning Course and Learn Everything You Need to Know About Wild Edibles and All-Season Survival Skills with Sergei Boutenko!!!

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