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  • Commit to Fit! (Day 2) Try “Callanetics”! My favorite exercise video from high school!

    Okay, so before I type another sentence, I’m going to get up against the wall and do my plank.

    Did it. :-)

    In fact, I did both. The plank and the wall sit, and while neither are enormous acccomplishments of athletic performance, there is a sense of achievement I feel within. At least I did THAT much.

    I feel so good when my body is strong and fit. So much more confident. Last night I was in the subway station when I asked Mika to count to 90 for me. While I sat there turning red in the face, I recalled my favorite workout DVD from high school. “Callan Pinkney’s” video “Callanetics”. What a riot! Remembering those workout clothes from the early 80s. I did that video so many times, I’m sure I have the script memorized by heart.

    A little google search brought some great results, Ladies. I found some excerpts from it!!

    Since we’re doing a 10-day commit to fit adventure, I thought I’d try and find a couple little things we could add to our 90-second fitness routine. Check out this Callanetics Intro video. This is the first few minutes of that beloved video I used to play every night! (I couldn’t count the number of times that I fell asleep listening to that music while doing the final poses!)

    This first video will give you a sense of who she is and what cool 80s make-up and hair job she had. 😉 If you’ve got a few extra minutes, listen to this. The truth is it was all about having a great shape. It’s about getting the nice lifts and curves. There are moments in the other sections of the video (not in the intro) when she shows different images of women as they progress through the exercises. The lifting and tightening, etc. It’s a hoot!! If you have a few extra minutes, definitely watch the intro.

    If you’re tight on time, then I suggest you do the Warmup section! (It’ll take about 10 minutes.)

    I found the mostly complete warm up section here. Just do these first few exercise. While I’ve been doing the plank and wall sits, I’ve been CRAVING these arm exercises. The second warm-up exercises on this video are the ones I’ve been CRAVING! Try them and let me know what you think.

    Oooh! I just did a little

    Last night I went for a decent bike ride with the kids. (I’m always so impressed with how they keep up.)

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    Fitness at the Women’s International Summit for Health

    At the end of a big day with kids, cooking, laundry, swimming lessons and a dozen other things I’ve already forgotten, I have finally made it here to update you on the next set of WISH callers.

    Well, we’ve reached the halfway mark, and I admit I’m almost saddened by the speed at which it’s all happening. I’m delighted to see that many of you have decided to join WISHClub, as that means we’ll be getting to know each other for a long time to come.

    Before diving into the next set of calls, I would love to know what you thought of the last series of speakers. Please give us your feedback on the Food calls here and your feedback on the Relationship calls by clicking here.

    Each feedback form has a prize to offer and we’ll be announcing the winners on the blog soon.

    About Neale Donald Walsch’s calls:

    neale donald walschIt’s amazing how many people have contacted us requesting to have further access to the call by Neale Donald Walsch, and I’m delighted this is the case.

    Due to the nature of Neale’s work, upon agreeing to do the interview with us, he requested that we make his call available to all callers permanently. We were so moved and impressed by his gesture, that we decided to make 2 other calls available for free even after our summit has ended. Stay tuned for access to

    Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson & Dr. Joe Mercola.

    These three calls you can listen to as much as you’d like. We’ll give you more information about this when our summit has ended.

    Many of you have been asking if we can make all the calls available for an extended period of time due to your family, work and personal situations.

    We put these together and offered them for free for 10 days, but this is supposed to be a profitable project for us, too. Hopefully, the way we are able to support our families by doing this is to offer a service good enough that women are inspired to purchase access to the calls, or join our ongoing WISHClub where we will actually take an entire YEAR to put the information in these calls into action.

    If money is an issue, we have a no-refusal policy.

    wish club membership cardWe accept all payment plans and work exchange and other forms of exchange. Money should never get in the way of your health, but it’s also true that a lot of money and time have gone into the creation of this event, and by offering the recordings we hope to get a return on our investment. We choose to offer it free in celebration of Women’s Day and to ensure that anyone can access these calls at least once.

    We’d love to support you in moving on to WISHClub or getting the recordings, because we really believe that being able to apply this information requires more than just listening. It requires support and practice to help you put things into action and make them a part of your everyday life.

    And speaking of action, tonight’s speakers are all about it! On the menu for tonight’s all-you-can-eat empowerment buffet is:

    rainbeau marsRainbeau Mars (Interviewed by Shannon Leone) You don’t need to be able to turn yourself into a pretzel to make the most of this call. In fact, you may be delighted and surprised to know that the simplest things, (like breathing for example) are often overlooked for their importance in helping you achieve true health and wellness. Rainbeau has lots of great wisdom for women!

    sheila kelleySheila Kelley (Introduced by Tera Warner) Dynamite! Smokin’ hot dynamite. This call is a MUST for all women. If you’re not familiar with her work, it doesn’t even matter. Every day STILL I think about the call and the impact that it had on me! I’ve not been as disciplined at doing her interview, but since today is dedicated to Fitness, I may just pull it out and get my curves on!

    peter cerquaPeter Cerqua (Interviewed by Shannon Leone) I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the idea that a 90-second fitness routine would do much good, until I tried it. WHOA! This call is going to be the kick-start you need to get back into a fitness routine, boost your metabolism and look like a million bucks!

    Jennifer Jimenez (Interviewed by Tera Warner) Oooooh, jennifer jimenezI really hope you’ll get the chance to listen to this one, too, because it’s really empowering. If you’ve ever wanted to dance, but felt to shy to let yourself go, then listen to this call. We actually spent half the call dancing!! I also shared a pretty personal story that gave us both goosebumps! It was a really amazing experience. This call changed a lot in both our worlds immediately! Chances are it’ll do the same for yours, too.


    Do whatever you can during the course of our time together to apply the information you’re learning here. Those of you who were strutting your stuff a few days ago after listening to Patty Contenta’s call, are you still squeezing and lifting in all the right places?

    It’s great to listen to these calls and be inspired by them, but it’s another thing all together to make them a part of your daily life.

    Get your groove on, Girlfriend, and move that beautiful body!

    Shake, wriggle and bust a move,

    Tera and Shannon

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    Why You Should Avoid Plastic Like the Plague and 10 Ways to Do It!

    There are many reasons to avoid plastics. One major reason is bisphenol-A, or BPA, an estrogen-like chemical added to most polycarbonate plastics – from water bottles and food containers to the linings of tin cans, and – most alarmingly – to many baby toys, baby bottles and sippy cups. Research has shown BPA is associated with early puberty in girls, feminizing of boys, and reduced fertility in both sexes. In fact, in utero exposure is linked to abnormal development of the sex organs in the fetus. BPA is also associated with an increased risk for obesity and certain cancers, such as breast and prostate.

    Certainly anyone with fertility issues or children should be very concerned. Luckily, it is fairly easy to find bisphenol-A free products now, for children and adults, but is that enough?

    Before I became a mom, I led a fairly plastic-free life: I carried my own glass water bottle, brought my own bags to the grocery store, rarely ate out and rarely bought packaged foods, and stored everything in glass or ceramic containers. Now that I’ve got a toddler, however, I seem to be swimming in it; and I can only imagine that, with another little one on the way, it’s going to get worse.

    Even if you manage to avoid buying any plastic items for your child, you are sure to be given tons! We are lucky in that most of the things our son has have been handed down from two cousins a year or two older than he. We’ve never had to buy any clothes, and many of his toys are hand-me-downs. However, the toys keep multiplying and – never mind those annoying battery-operated noise-makers – they are overwhelmingly made of plastic!

    Besides the fact that plastic can never be truly safe (who knows what other compounds are leaching into the environment and our food), plastics leave a terrible footprint on the environment.

    By now, you’ve probably all heard of the big, plastic stew brewing in a vortex in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas – a horrifying visualization and seemingly irreversible prospect; and it is frightening to think that every piece of plastic ever created is still with us. This has many repercussions, to name a few:

    • While plastic is not biodegradable, it is photodegradable – sunlight breaks the plastic, still molecularly intact, into little bits which get mistaken for plankton and other food and is ingested by all forms of marine life. This is killing, disabling, and making sick so many of these animals.

    • These plastics make it back into the human food chain as well: if you eat seafood, you not only have to worry about mercury, but also contamination from plastic.

    • Plastics absorb other toxic substances, such as pesticides and PCB’s and then, transported by the water, leach them elsewhere.

    Moreover, recycling plastic is not a viable solution since only a couple types of plastics melt at low temperatures; tougher plastics only melt at high temperatures and release such toxic gases, they are basically un-recyclable. Furthermore, of the recyclable plastics, the quality degrades and the plastics are contaminated with residues (foodstuffs, etc.) so they cannot be remade into food containers. Thus there is still the need for as much new plastic production for food containers.

    So, now that you’re convinced it’s not enough to just seek out “safer” forms of plastics, what can we do to reduce the amount of plastic polluting our environment and our bodies? Here is a list of 10 tips to help avoid and reduce your use of plastic:

    1. If you must buy bottled water, opt for glass options when available (Voss bottles come in glass in a couple sizes) or try to always come prepared – bring your own bottle of filtered water from home. Sometimes, this just isn’t practical, but consider which has the greater impact: occasionally drinking a glass of tap water or that plastic water bottle….

    2. Store produce and leftovers in cloth bags or glass containers.

    3. Not only can you bring your own cloth shopping bags, you can also re-use those plastic bags your produce comes in on subsequent shopping trips.

    4. Wrap prepared lunches and snacks in wax paper.

    5. Bamboo and stainless steel are excellent BPA and plastic-free options for sippy cups, eating utensils, and plates!

    6. For gift-giving occasions, like birthdays and Christmas, often friends and relatives ask what you, or especially, your child would like or need. Don’t be afraid to ask for used and hand-me-down items. People will still give you/your child beautifully wrapped boxes of toxic delights – say thanks, gracefully, and accept the lovely thought. If it is not something your child is totally into, consider returning it, or if not, be sure to donate or pass down when the child is done with it!

    7. Think long-term. Plastic really can be that miracle product that lasts a lifetime. Try to limit the plastic you get to durable things you will hang on to for a long time.

    8. Buy in bulk (bring your own paper bags or re-use those plastic produce ones), and only bag produce when absolutely necessary.

    9. If you eat take-out regularly, carry your own cutlery, and for the die-hard, consider bringing your own non-plastic to-go containers!

    10. Turn scrap plastic into art projects with the kids! Think of creative ways to re-use plastic – perhaps build a colorful collage or sculpture – or try one of the many suggestions listed here.

    Can you think of more ways to reduce our plastic use? Please let me know!

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    De-Clutter Paper and Save Trees

    I’m more than happy to do my part with helping to save trees! I love looking at trees, I love climbing trees, I love sitting under trees, I love breathing the oxygen that trees allow us to breathe.

    Just imagine a world without trees? Not a pretty picture, huh?

    De-clutter, Recycle, and Save a Tree

    Thanks to the Clutter-Busting element of the Body Enlightenment System(BES), I have restarted my paper de-cluttering project — which ultimately is allowing me to save more trees.

    While the paper in my home is lessening more and more each day, and while what remains is well contained for the most part, the fact of the matter is that there is still more paper in my home than I care to have.

    Gosh, I’ve gotten really good at quickly recycling the new paper that arrives. In fact, I’ve gotten a little too good at it. One day I instantly recycled a local coupon magazine that had an ad in it of my son with Jaguars’ Running Back, Maurice Jones-Drew. Yikes! The recycling truck took my copy away before I realized the “keepsake” that rested within those pages. (Of course I had to track down another copy elsewhere.)

    In any event, what I haven’t been equally as good at recycling, is older paper piles that I let build up sometime back — when I was less mindful of the paper/tree effect on this world.

    You know, I really wouldn’t mind seeing just about ALL of this at-home paper gone forever. I’d rather not file paper away anyway, if I don’t have to. I much rather recycling what I absolutely do not have to keep.

    Perhaps my strong desire for wanting a paper-free home (as much as possible) is:

    (1) A result of my love, understanding and respect of nature having further intensified.

    (2) A way of saving the trees, thus helping the Earth.

    (3) Due to the fact that I would rather not spend my time keeping on top of paper organization. The less paper I have, the less I’ll need to keep it organized. And, think about all of those papers that get filed away that we end up never returning to anyway. Wouldn’t they have more purpose being recycled?

    C’mon! Do we want more trees to assist the flow of Earth’s oxygen and keep the Earth cooler………or do we want more paper? Let’s just simply recycle every piece of paper we do not need and use what has been recycled for any paper supply that we do need.

    The way I see it, the more paper I recycle from my home, the more recycled paper I am helping to make available for others and myself when necessary, and hopefully that means a higher level of oxygen for us to breathe.

    ACoolerClimate.com says: “If we want to help stop global warming, then we should become aware of where our paper comes from.” A quick read on the topic along with some useful links are here.

    Well, talking about trees, I’ll leave you this week with Tree Pose. “This noble pose reminds us of our connection to the earth, which sustains and nourishes all living beings………..The Tree improves your posture and helps stabilize the pelvis, elongate the spine, strengthen the legs and ankles, and increase flexibility of the inner thigh muscles. In addition, it helps with balance and centering.” ~ Essential Yoga by Olivia H. Miller

    In the Love of Trees,


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