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  • Wild Herbal Beauty Care for Wildly Beautiful Hair

    Wild Beauty Care for Wildly Beautiful Hair

    - by Heather Gardner

    Our hair, like our shoes can speak volumes about who we are as a person. Do you choose to wear Crocs or Birkenstocks? platforms or Jimmy Choos? Nikes or Adidas? For those of us who rather ditch the footwear and dance barefoot by the beach or merrily skip through the May morning dew, in a flower kissed meadow - the natural choice for our hair and its care is to be found from foraging through the forest pharmacy rather than the pharmaceutical one.

    In my previous blog post, I explored the properties of many plants we might find growing all around us in nature to enhance our inner Gorgeous Green Goddess. You can choose from those, as well as many herbs found in your garden and health store, to create concoctions that can turn those troublesome tresses into a crowning glory of flowing fragrant fantasy and cruise confidently and casually through the challenges of your day in an aura of floral delight.

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