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  • Happy Shiny Seaweed — Kelp: The Miracle Plant

    Raw Food Spotlight on Kelp

    - by Christie Fischer

    Also known as brown algae, kelp is a seaweed that has been called the “miracle plant” — thanks to its healing and therapeutic properties, as well as its ability to perform incredible acts of wellness. Containing almost every mineral and trace mineral necessary for human existence, sprinkling even the smallest amount of kelp on food can provide your body with salt and minerals important to the function of your body.

    Kelp’s most obvious and prevalent mineral is iodine, as kelp comes from the sea and so does iodine. But did you know that due to all the other nutrients this salty stuff contains, kelp can help prevent (or assist in banishing) depression? It has been reported that kelp is very beneficial to the sensory nerves, membranes surrounding the brain, spinal cord, and brain tissue.

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