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  • Wean Yourself Off Meat With These 10 Easy Tips to Stay Raw

    – by Linda Douglas, Ph.D., R.D.

    Considering doing a detoxification program like the next 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox?

    Are you a transitioning raw food enthusiast or high raw eater? Do you ever find your best intentions of eating mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds going down the tubes because you crave more savory food? Have your raw resolutions sometimes burst into flame-broiled madness? If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in a few easy strategies to keep your actions and intentions grooving together. Read more »

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    Part 3 of 3: School Dinners & Healthy Alternatives to Homeschooling

    by Joanna Steven


    Part III. The dreaded school menu, and healthy alternatives to home schooling.

    The modern school system is not only flawed in the way it tries to educate our children, it is also flawed in how it feeds them. Many of us have watched, in shock and horror, Jamie Oliver’s attempts at reforming the school menus in the US. Not only are the schools resistant to change, many people don’t even understand where the problem is in the first place!

    Curious, I took a look at the local elementary school’s menu. A banner at the top features “I love lunch” and “eat learn live” written on a black board. OK. Below, we can read: “Feeding our students high quality meals that are nutritious and delicious is our top priority. Chartwells’ menus are built to support the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and use recipes that taste great and are lower in fat, saturated fat, trans fats, cholesterol and sodium and provide whole grains, fruits, vegetables and appropriate portion sizes for age. We analyze our recipes for nutrient content and food component into nutrient standard or food-base menu planning that comply with child nutrition guidelines for the National School Breakfast & Lunch programs. Our Balanced Choices Meal Program is a guidance system to assist students in making the most nutritious parameters and is highlighted on the serving line.

    Shouldn’t it be “no trans fat” rather than “lower in trans fat”? But, it could have been for the sake of having a neatly written paragraph. Let’s look at the menu itself. For breakfast, children have, on various day, a choice of pancakes, breakfast taco, a muffin, French toast with syrup, ham & cheese biscuits, sausage patties and the like. Yes, I definitely want my children eating this every day (no, I don’t).

    Let’s look at the lunch menu. Cheeseburger on bun. Ham & cheese wrap. Chicken nuggets. I see some “brocolli” (sic) is included. To bad it is misspelled. Turkey Corn Dogs. Beef A Roni. OK! I’ve seen enough. I don’t want my kids eating all this, that’s for sure! And what happened to the “delicious and nutritious”?

    You might think: “if only there were schools for healthy vegetarians!” I certainly thought that, which brings me to my second point. Read more »

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    Hail to the Kale!

    – by Shari Hearn

    dinosaur kale - green smoothies and vegan options

    Okay, perhaps “Hail to the Kale” is an insipid title for an article.  Let’s face it; kale is a hard word to rhyme.  But, it’s better than the title I first came up with:  “If kale had a degree, it’d be from Yale.”

    I guess what my feeble attempts at a clever title are trying to achieve is to convey kale’s amazing qualities.  And, yes, a vegetable can be amazing.  Particularly when it’s loaded with substances that can help protect one from cancer, cataracts, emphysema, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Kale is not particularly a staple in most American households, but, after reading this article, I hope kale becomes a staple in your house.  Some may consider kale bitter, and, admittedly, some varieties of kale are on the bitter side.   The secret to eating kale, then, is to Read more »

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    Earth Day 2010: To Celebrate, Don’t Send a Card… Just Eat Your Veggies!

    By Stacey Terry

    Earth Day 2010How do you demonstrate your appreciation for the world that you live in?  My love affair with the earth has taken many forms over the years.  When I was young, I was mesmerized by nature… spending time under trees, watching sunsets, enjoying the first breath of air upon summer arrivals at ‘the lake’, walking with my parents down tree and wild-flower lined gravel roads…  it all made an impact.  The earth is a beautiful, living place.

    At different points in my life I’ve relied upon that appreciation to move me into action.  I belonged to 4-H growing up and always participated in highway clean-up projects.  When I hit my university days, I signed up for an environmental ethics class.  That lead me to reading The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki.  It helped me see the world and my reality differently, and I’m learning that those sorts of experiences are the most helpful in life.  My change in perspective resulted Read more »

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