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  • Are You Interested in Creating Healthy Children?

    by Fiona Hollis

    creatinghealthychildren“I made the mistake of putting off reading this book because my children are all grown and on their own.

    What could possibly hold any interest for me in a book about raising healthy children? If I’m going to take the time to read an entire book, I like it to be applicable and relevant.

    Let’s repeat the cliché- “Never judge a book by its cover!”

    Karen Ranzi’s book marries the two most important foundations for creating healthy children: fresh living foods and attachment parenting, a term originally used by pediatrician William Sears in describing a more natural and intuitive parenting philosophy than most people in this day and age practice.

    Attachment parenting sheds light on the truths about raising and truly ‘nurturing’ children from the heart and not the head. I loved reading about the mothers, and fathers returning to the practice of following their parenting instincts and each child’s individual needs for the mutual benefit of all, and not following whatever current popular parenting trend comes along.

    From the first few pages, I was thoroughly engrossed. Karen’s writing style is very easy to read, yet highly informative. This book was seven years in the making and it shows. The research is impeccable and covers the entire spectrum of parenting healthy children from pre-conception, to pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. It also includes information on vaccinations, circumcision, exercise, education of children, obtaining sufficient nutrition from plant foods at every stage of a child’s life, transitioning older kids to a healthy diet focused on fresh, unprocessed foods, meeting emotional needs, and would you believe there’s more? Read more »

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