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  • The Benefits of Skin Brushing for Beauty & Health

    The Benefits of Skin Brushing for Beauty and Health

    What Are The Benefits of Skin Brushing?
    How The Practice of Skin Brushing Promotes Beauty & Health

    – by Dodee Schmitt

    The benefits of skin brushing are wonderful! Of course, in order to feel and see results, a steady and consistent protocol is vital.

    Since your skin is your largest organ, it’s well worth the time and effort to take extra care of this protective barrier that shields you from the various nasties floating about in the outside world. A consistent skin brushing routine can assist the lymph to get rid unwanted materials in the body, so you’ll see great health benefits. It is said that 1 lb of waste per day is eliminated by the skin!

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    One Great Whole Body Detox Tip: Dry Skin Brushing

    – By Brenda Skidmore

    dry skin brushing detoxDid you know that your body’s largest organ, the skin, is responsible for about one fourth of the dailydetoxification needs that are required by your entire body?

    One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, ways you can help your skin do the job it was designed to do by nature, is in learning how to dry brush your skin.

    Dry skin brushing is a sort of spa like method that gives its participants numerous health benefits. It is good for people that have dry, flaky, and even normal or oily skin.

    The many positive effects of dry skin brushing are not widely known, yet its health enhancing protection of your internal health, and overall skin appearance, can make it a pleasant part of your daily, natural health care routine. Read more »

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