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  • Meet Somaly Mam: From Horror to Hope and Heroism

    Meet Somaly Mam: From Horror to Hope and Heroism

    In this moment, I shudder to think of the minutes, hours, weeks of my life that have been spent worrying about the size of my thighs or the contents of my colon. I struggle to consider the fact that while I have spent so much time worrying about the ratio of enzymes, antioxidants and omega fatty acids in my smoothie, a 5-year old girl was being brutally raped and tortured in Cambodia.

    I know my name.

    I know how old I am.

    While my parents, like most, dished out a few curve balls along the way, I had my Strawberry Shortcake bedroom sheets and a place called home that felt like one. I was free to speak, and even get a bit sassy once in a while without severe repercussions. I could play, dream, learn, eat and walk in the streets without any consideration that these things would ever be threatened. And indeed, they never were.

    It has been said that long after a person has given up on themselves, when their will to live for their own right has been lost, you will still find within them a willingness to help another. You will live to help another, even after you’ve stopped living for yourself.

    If there is one woman who proves this to be true, it’s Somaly Mam. Read more »

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