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  • 10 Simple Tips for a Healthy Green Home

    10 Tips for a Healthy Green Home10 Tips for a Healthy Green Home

    – by Renée Loux and Tera Warner

    I’ve had the honor connecting with a woman who has been named “The Queen of Green”: Renée Loux. Not only does this inspiring raw diva have a prominent voice in the media for Organics, Green Living and Sustainability, she’s also well known for her a voice her incredible raw food recipes. (You can listen to my interview with Renée Loux here!)

    Renée lists 1o simple, approachable steps people can take to start Living Green. How many do you you already incorporate in keeping your home healthy, clean and green?

    I highly recommend you visit Renee’s site and avail yourself to all there is in terms of support for green living, organic awareness.

    So, here’s what Renéee suggests as 10 steps to a Green Home:

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    In Celebration of Earth Day, We Believe in Green! Renée Loux Makes It Easy to Be Green

    In Celebration of Earth Day, We Believe in Green! In Celebration of Earth Day, We Believe in Green!
    Renée Loux Makes It Easy to Be Green

    –  by Tera Warner

    In August of 2010 we held a series of 10 interviews called “Believe in Green” (I know. I have a thing for acronyms.) During this 12-day event I interviewed some of my most-loved green heroes and heroines, and in the days to come we’ll be featuring a few of our favorites here to help you get your green on in celebration of Earth Day!

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    The Daylight Diet: Eating When it Makes Sense

    the-daylight-diet-picI have just finished reading THE DAYLIGHT DIET. I actually woke up at 5am just to finish it. I usually go to sleep around 3 or 4am, so this is amazing. I went raw 8 years ago and it has been the most important thing I have ever done for my health. Until now! This book is going to change my life! There, I said it. I really mean it too. I recall an Oprah show about 15 years ago where she asked people ‘What is the ONE thing you know if you did it would change your life?’ I knew right away what that one thing was, but I felt it was absolutely impossible! In fact, that one thing was actually 2 things because that one habit morphed into another new one.

    It starts with sleep way back…I have always had a sleep problem. Ever since I was a kid. When I was about 4 or 5, I used to make myself stay awake while listening to my mom and my step-dad argue because he was so abusive that I thought I could protect her as long as I stayed awake. (amazing how much kids feel responsible for!) I actually used to climb out of bed so I could see the light from underneath the closed door and listen, to be on guard, and I would fall asleep lying on the floor right next to my bedroom door. And I remember my mom used to come in to check on us and she would always be so surprised to find me there, and would carry me back to bed.

    At age 11, I got an early morning paper route for a few years to earn my own money and had to get up at 4:30-5 am during the week to finish my route, get home for breakfast and get ready for school. I loved being up in the dark when most people were sleeping. I felt so grown-up. When my by-now single mom suddenly died when I was 16, and now living on my own, I used to stay up all night either painting, reading or working on school essays. Most teenagers stay up to party…I didn’t need alcohol or drugs- the night time was when I felt so creative and free, and I think it was also my time to rebel and just do whatever I wanted. I had no one telling me what to do, I made all my own decisions, was completely independent, and I liked it.

    Although I never smoked, drank coffee or booze, or touched drugs, I was always pretty frail and got sick a lot with colds, flu and cold-sores- up to 8 on my mouth at a time. When I went raw at age 36, my immune system had crashed and I was aging fast. Fast-forward to now just shy of 45, I am healthier than I have been in my whole life and people say I look like I am in my 20’s. Raw food healed and transformed me. I am joyful and grateful Read more »

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