Top Tips for Staying Raw When You’re Away from Home

Staying On Your Raw Diet When You’re Not In Your Own Kitchen

by Kristen Suzanne

Just because you’re not in your own kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your Raw diet. Whether you’re away from your kitchen for the day or a week, these tips will help.

1. Check out your local restaurants

Check local restaurants where you can order raw food or even just some fresh salads. Plan on visiting these places frequently.

Call ahead and see if the restaurants will help you by preparing special foods (if they don’t already have things available on their menu).

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2 Kitchen Tools a Raw Kitchen Can’t Live Without

2 essential kitchen tools

by Kristen Suzanne

A fully functioning raw food kitchen can be filled with all kinds of fun tools, appliances and gadgets.

But, what do I recommend for a raw food newbie? There are a couple of definite must haves to get you started.

The list is longer once you get your groove on with your raw lifestyle, but these are a couple of items that I think every raw food newbie should have:

  • A great knife
  • A high powered blender!

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