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  • Raw Food Recipe: New Spinach Salad

    Raw food recipe: simple spinach salad

    Taken from The Simple Gourmet recipe eBook available from The Raw Diva Store.

    If you are looking for a quick, tangy salad to make for lunch or dinner, look no further.

    This spinach salad is packed with flavor and easy to make!

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    A Simple 3-Step Forumula for Making Great Salads

    by Sharon Rashbaum,   Certified Holistic Health Coach A.A.D.P

    May is national salad month.  This is a perfect time to kick up your consumption of vegetables. The weather is warm, the sun is out, and doesn’t a great big bowl of salad sound wonderful? The best part of a salad is you can have one every day of the month and NEVER have the same mix twice! Not sure what you should put in your salad?

    Here are a few ideas:

    Step 1: Start with colorful leaves – skip the iceberg and try the following:

    •    Spinach
    •    Radicchio
    •    Kale
    •    Romaine
    •    Arugula
    •    Cabbage both green and red
    •    Chard
    •    Endive

    Want to add several of them but don’t want to do the chopping?   There are many great organic mixes in your local produce section.  My current favorite is Read more »

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    Shavasana Snooze

    Asleep in yogaWhile looking for a document the other day, I came across an index card on which I had taped the words of an “Earth Meditation” when preparing for a children’s yoga class back in November. This meditation was adapted from “Meditating with Children” by Dr. Deborah Rozman and was part of the teacher training materials given to participants of the Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP).

    The “Earth Meditation” reads as follows:

    “Imagine you are the earth, you are one with Mother Earth. Feel that you are deep inside the center of the earth and that the mountains and oceans and rivers are your body…Feel all of the rocks as part of you…Now feel all the soil and dirt as part of you…Now feel all of the little plants as part of you, and all of the big trees as part of your body…The grass is like your hair…Now feel all of the animals as part of you…And now feel all of the people, everywhere, of all shapes, sizes and colors, are all part of your body…Feel all of the earth beings as part of you — the earth whom you feed and shelter and give a home to…for all have the same home — the earth.”

    I read it and vividly remembered the evening I did a similar meditation with my son and how it totally relaxed him. After playing around with some yoga postures in our living room, Caleb laid on his back in Shavasana (Corpse pose) in the dimly lit room, while I spoke empowering words, reminding him about the power and light that lies within him and radiates outwardly.

    I reminded him to believe in himself and all that he brings to the world. I told him to never underestimate his value and connection to life. I prompted him to reflect on being made in God’s likeness…….how could we then be anything other than loving, caring, forgiving and great?

    At one point during this guided meditation, Caleb asked me a question (although I now forget what it was). After I answered it, he requested that I “keep on talking,” which let me know he was indeed tuning in to my words of inspiration. I loved that he was in the moment of the journey.

    Eventually, I decided to hush so that he could soak up the quiet and empty his mind for ultimate relaxation. I told him that, with eyes closed, he could focus his attention through the area between his eyebrows (his third eye) which would help spiritually balance this journey for him. And, as Mary, one of my yoga instructors, tells her students, I echoed to Caleb: “As thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them, but don’t take part in their drama. Just let them go!”

    I literally watched Caleb drift into deeper and deeper relaxation, to the point that he just lay there as if he was about to doze off any second. When Shavasana was “officially” over, so to speak, he chose to remain on the floor with his body completely still.

    I moved on to doing other things, merely looking over at him from time to time. Before long, he was knocked out. Fast asleep. Wow! It was a Saturday night, before 9:00 p.m., and my child was asleep. Unheard of! I realized it was rest his body needed, so I did not want to disturb him. Words from Cristin Tighe, RCYP facilitator, came to mind. When we fall asleep in Shavasana, the body is really tired, she had explained to our group of children’s yoga teachers in training.

    The night that Caleb lay on the floor asleep was the night my husband and I were supposed to be having a date at the movies. The plan was to be leaving home within the half hour to take Caleb to his grandparents’ house. However, I found myself questioning if Collin and I should postpone our date. Obviously, Caleb’s body needed this rest and I wanted him to reap the full benefits of it.

    After going back and forth in my mind as to what to do, and even sharing my “dilemma” with a friend, I convinced myself that if Caleb was that tired, he would quickly drift back off to sleep once he got to his grandparents. And, he did! He usually likes to play Monopoly with his grandparents, but that night he darted straight for the bed at their house.

    Now, there are yoga teachers who, of course encourage optimal relaxation during Shavasana, but believe yoga students should retain awareness and not fall asleep during Shavasana. Others feel that if yoga is about honoring the body’s natural needs, then why shouldn’t yogis and yoginis fall asleep during their relaxation time?

    In Is Snoozing in Yoga Class OK?, FitSugar writes: “When I take or teach class, I think falling asleep is a great thing. It means that you’ve completely let go of your body and your thoughts, and it’s a sign of complete relaxation. It also means you’ve worked really hard physically exerting yourself, so who can blame your body for trying to re-energize itself?”

    Oh how I loved that Caleb had allowed his body to do just that! However, technically, he fell asleep after our “official practice” was over. :-) He was definitely in a state of initial awareness during Shavasana, so I feel he got the best of both worlds of Shavasana, so to speak.

    “I’m OK with students falling asleep in my yoga class,” FitSugar explains, “because people have different needs and personalities. Some people are sleep-deprived or not feeling well, and others have the gift of being able to fall asleep within minutes of lying down. Allowing people to do what comes naturally to them is what yoga is all about.”

    I’m with FitSugar! What about you?



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