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  • Raw Food Kitchen Tips: Take a Peek Inside Lena’s Kitchen

    raw food kitchenRaw Food Kitchen Organization Tips

    – by Lena Armstrong

    There’s only one thing better than having a fridge stocked full of all the fresh food goodies you need – and that’s knowing you’ve got a clean, organized, clutter-free kitchen to walk into at any moment of the day to work your smoothie or salad magic!

    We were so inspired by Kristen Suzanne’s post giving us a little look-see into her raw food ready kitchen, that we decided it would be a good idea to keep the awesome pics and tips flowing.  We want to see your kitchen!  We want to share it with the world!  Are you up for it?  There’s a brand spankin’ new Blendtec Blender Wildside in it for the most inspiring and helpful post we receive before 30th September.  Check out the competition details here, and remember: it’s not about the prettiest kitchen, or the fanciest equipment – it’s all about functionality.  Have you got yourself set up for success in your kitchen?  Now, that’s what we love to see!

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    Take a Peak Inside Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne’s Organised Kitchen – Part Two

    raw food kitchenRaw Chef Kristen Suzanne shares 3 more great tips for having a well-planned raw food kitchen. Check out the first 3 tips and more photos of Kristen’s very own raw kitchen in the first post here.

    Getting your raw food kitchen groove on will really enhance this lifestyle and make it extra easy! Today, I’m sharing with you some tips about labeling, storage, and how to utilize your refrigerator and freezer for raw food success.

    1) Glass mason jars keep it fresh and healthy!

    My storage tool of choice is a glass mason jar. It’s perfect for smoothies, raw soups, raw pate, desserts (mousse, cookies, etc), salad dressings, and more. Using glass is the way to go if you want the healthiest option for both your family and our earth. And, they’re pretty cheap, too!

    Want to kick it up a notch in freshness?

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    Take a Peak Inside Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne’s Organised Kitchen – Part One

    raw food3 Tips For How a Well-Planned Kitchen Can Help You Stay Raw 

    by Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne of Kristen’s Raw

    Having a well-planned raw food kitchen is an important key to succeeding with a raw diet. This includes the foods you keep stocked as well as the kitchen appliances and gadgets you have. The trick is to make everything as streamlined as possible, almost so you don’t have to think twice about it. Below are 3 tips for keeping a well-planned raw kitchen.

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