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  • Take a Peek Inside Treesa’s Kitchen Apothecary

    Peek Inside My Kitchen Apothecary

    – by Treesa

    As many of you already know I’ve been hard at work self-directing my own healing path. I stepped off the allopathic path and into my kitchen apothecary! I’ve become a food medicine maker, and since my kitchen is my office of healing it needs to be a space that inspires me to make optimal choices.

    So today I thought I’d take you on a tour of my high-raw-vegan kitchen and show you how I’ve set up my kitchen apothecary in order to support my journey to optimal health!

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    Jenny’s Kitchen Organization Tips For Raw Foods

    Jenny's Kitchen Organization Tips For Raw FoodsJenny’s Kitchen Organization Tips For Raw Foods

    – by Jenny B.

    Our family has been enjoying this lifestyle for about 5 years now! (Yay for us!)

    We’d love to take a moment and share with with you some of the wisdom and helpful tips that we have discovered along this amazing journey to health and happiness.

    And so, here are our top 3 tips to help in you in your own journey to include more whole, raw foods into your life!

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    Katie’s Kitchen Tips To Keep You On The Raw Track

    Katie's Kitchen Tips To Keep You On The Raw TrackKatie’s Top Tips For Raw Kitchen Organization

    – by Katie C.

    Living in this fast paced and high demand society, it can be so easy to let your eating habits fall by the wayside. It can also be infinitely frustrating if you feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle, swimming against the current of time.

    Thankfully, there are easy tips that you can follow that will help  you stay committed to your healthy diet and lifestyle choices!

    Dave and I spend a few hours in the kitchen getting our raw goodies ready for the week. Yes, that means a small chunk of your day goes to one activity. But again – it’s worth it! If we don’t commit that segment of time, the rest of the week we are scrounging for healthy food and allowing ourselves to be lazy and slack, grabbing a slice of left over pizza or swinging through the fast food joint instead of eating what he have!

    We like to pour some tea, crank up some music (or pop in a good audio book!) and get to work. This weekend, while listening to some Artemis Fowl, we washed, we tore, we cut, and we stored. And we have been reveling all week in perfect produce green glory!

    So here’s a closer look into our refrigerator and all its secret wonder — not to mention our favorite tips that help keep me and my husband on the raw track!

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    Organize & Optimize Your Kitchen For Raw Foods

    Organize & Optimize Your Kitchen For Raw Foods

    How To Organize & Optimize Your Kitchen For Raw Foods

    – by Lilach Mutzafi

    I have a very small kitchen. No, really, it’s TINY! I hardly have room for all the appliances I want, and very little cabinet space. In addition, I’m the only raw-foodist in a family of 4, so we still need space for pots, pans and baking tins for my “cooked” hubby and kids…

    There is an advantage in a tiny kitchen, though. There is no room for clutter! If the drying dishes pile up or the organic waste compost bowl overflows – I have no room to prepare meals, and if we leave mail or toys on the kitchen table – we have no room to eat! So the lack of space and the need to keep things tidy leads to organization and efficiency being the name of the game in my kitchen!

    How do I do it? Here are my top 3 tips!

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    Raw Food Kitchen Tips: Take a Peek Inside Purna’s Kitchen

    raw food equipmentThree Tips to Organize Your Kitchen and Make it Raw-Friendly!

     – by Purna Bhattacharya

    We’re giving away a brand new Blendtec Blender Wildside this month!  Did you know?  Check out the details here.  Today, Purna shares with us her top 3 tips to get your kitchen set-up for raw success

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