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  • Can I Feed My Child Raw Food?


    It’s Father’s Week here at Raw Mom!


    Daniel Aaron, founder of Radiantly Alive, answers the question, “Can I feed my child raw food?”

    Yes! Absolutely. Yes!”


    In this adorable video, Daniel shows what a raw dad (and yogi) feeds his 4-year-old daughter Zaida. She loves smoothies, chocolate, fruit, and even durian!

    Daniel has eaten a raw food diet for over 10 years. This video is a glimspe of his wisdom.


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    Interview: Alisha Deschene, Raw Mom with 7 Raw Children

    By Joanna Steven


    Today, I am interviewing Alisha Deschene who isn’t just any raw mom, she is the mother of 7 children ranging from age 13 to less than a year old. She has experienced both hospital births and home births, and tell us more about her experience. We also discuss time management when you have a large family, and how she manages to feed a husband and 7 children who do not all follow the same diet. You can read more about Alisha on her blog, http://eatrawtolive.blogspot.com/.

    JS: Alisha, you are the raw mom of 7 beautiful children, some born in the hospital and some born at home. Let’s start first with what you call the natural beauty of childbirth. As you undoubtedly learned more with every birth, did anything really strike you as being invaluable to having a better birthing experience? Did you do anything to help prepare for the day of delivery so everything would go more smoothly (diet, exercise, task delegations etc)?

    Alisha: One thing that I would say is that knowledge is power. I have learned so much with every one of my births and they have all been quite different. No two births are the same, even with the same woman. It is so important to have a strong grasp of what you want for your birth and a strong support group to help you. My very first birth was a nightmare. I was very young and was treated very badly by the hospital staff. People questioned my desire to have more children after the horrible first birth that I had and my response was that it couldn’t possibly get any worse with another one. Read more »

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    Paul Nison’s Thoughts on Raising Children Raw

    by Paul Nison


    Those of you who have been getting the Mothers day emails will know there is a wealth of amazing information relating to health, motherhood, birth and choices in our Raw Mom Summit. I selected this part of Paul Nison’s Raw Mom Summit interview, as it sympathizes with the new choices that can be prompted with the birth of a child.

    RM: So, Paul tell us a little bit about your experience being a new dad. Will you raise your daughter raw?

    PN: Well, before I had a child everyone told me that it was going to be so life changing and there is nothing that can compare to the feeling. The more people told me that, the more I tried to prepare myself, thinking okay I am ready and they are all right it is the most amazing experience and it completely enhances our outlook on everything and it just really puts things more in perspective.

    As for what we are going to do in the future I mean obviously we are focusing on right now because it is really important not to neglect the present. Sometimes people do that especially in the health field. They worry so much about the future, they neglect the present. We are so much focusing on the present, but even before we had a child I spent a lot of time with Dr. Fred, who has been a raw foodist for almost 50 years. He is almost 80 years old and raised two young girls with his wife. He told me there is  a lot of people that call him and he never recommends 100% raw food for a child. You have to understand if you bring up a child 100% raw on a perfect diet, chances are when they become 18 and go out and do their own thing, the majority of them are at least going to try something else. I am not saying they are going to completely change, but if their whole life they are so clean and pristine, when they try to eat something else they could have a pretty bad affects and get pretty sick. It’s going to be very hard and confusing for them, they might even rebel at that point. Read more »

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