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  • Day 2 Green Smoothie Testimonials – You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

    I’m soooo looking forward to sending out diplomas to all the green graduates who complete our 3-Day Green Smoothie Mini-Course practicum when they share with us their own experiments and photos of their green smoothie creations.  Once they’re submitted, I’m going to create a new page on our website dedicated just to those… AND the great thing about it will be that we share more fantastic and free green smoothie recipes with the world!

    And I happened to pop into the Emerald Lounge a few minutes ago, and I saw even more great posts!  I’m so flattered and pleased by the positive response so far!  And I hope all those bodies out there are humming with green energy and optimism!  I myself am on a high that I think involves a lot of gratitude… gratitude that I can spend my days doing work I love and that makes other people feel better and positive.  It’s WIN WIN!!

    And though there are dozens of great posts to choose from, I hope you don’t mind if I select a couple from our Day 2 live program to share with you:

    My name is Julie. This is my second Green Smoothie class! I LOVE all of the BEAUTIFUL art work on the Green Smoothie Queens/Raw Divas colorful web pages, E-letters and E-books! (Art work is very inspiring!) I find the Queens and Divas to be very enthusiastic, offering such wisdom/logic and encouragement! The Queens and Divas offer SO MUCH information – we simply cannot fail!!! This is a wonderful web site!

    Looking forward to joining the group this time around and getting on the Green Smoothie bandwagon full time! I am a Vegan, but would like to drink more Green Smoothies, lose some pounds, and learn more about raw foods.

    I made a big “Green” jug up yesterday morning and another jug last night — to be ready and waiting for me this morning!

    I had a big glass for breakfast. Then my husband and I left on errands all morning. It was LATE afternoon when we returned home. As soon as we returned home, thinking it would not take long, my husband made a business call to try to straighten out some red tape! He was put on hold for 30 minutes and I know he was very, very hungry by this time! I quick poured him a glass of my Green Smoothie and he commented how refreshing the drink was! He asked for a second glass while he was on hold! …Looks like my husband will now be on the GREEN SMOOTHIE QUEEN’S program with me!


    I’m so glad Julie that you find us as beautiful on the outside as we feel on the inside around here.  And I’m tickled you have your husband receptive to green smoothies!  It’s always just a matter of getting people to try them… really…

    Hi, Stephanie here.

    Our day 2 smoothie was:

    • mesclun, arugula, raddicchio lettuces (1 cup packed)
    • 2 stalks of celery
    • spinach (3/4 cup frozen, drained)
    • 1 carrot
    • pineapple (1/2 cup fresh)
    • strawberries (3/4 cup frozen we had picked this summer)
    • flax (ground, 3-4 Tbsp.)

    I had this with the kids around our regular dinnertime, which was great because they were filled up enough that when my husband got home from work I was able to pour him our latest smoothie and my 7-year old was beaming with pride about the creation & couldn’t wait for his Dad to try it. The kids played while we had a chance to chat. Later that night, both boys wanted toast (whole grain) with some of the natural peanut butter we use.

    It is hard to find great produce in the northeast during winter, which is why I use frozen veggies, at times, and why we stock up on the fruits we pick during summer and freeze those. Wish we had a Trader Joe’s closer! There are small, independent natural food stores ‘growing’ all around us, but the selection isn’t always great nor is the pricing.

    I am enjoying this greatly and moving onto the 10-day challenge. I can see how this small change has the “ripple effect” the Queen speaks of; how it will overflow into other aspects of our life. I was able to reconnect with my husband when he got home. Some nights prior to our new lifestyle, I would’ve been flying around the kitchen, making sure the carnivores had their meat timed to be warm with the starchy side-dish. And, the vegetables would’ve been an afterthought, like, how quick can I throw together a salad before everything cools, or throw some veggie mix in the microwave in a plastic bag (cringe!) just to alleviate my own guilt and be able to say I served something green. (cringe, again!)

    I have always liked my greens, but felt outnumbered with what the three guys in my life would expect as a meal and have struggled to get any one of them to like (and eat) the greens they need. The Smoothie Challenge has changed that dynamic and we all are looking much closer as what we eat and are paying attention to our bodies’ needs.

    Thank you to all of you that work so hard at Green Smoothie Queen. What a concept! Really give someone something for free and I do believe you are the one that receives in the end. I will do my part to spread “the ripple effect” likewise. And, I agree with the other posts- your graphic design & artwork is inspiring on top of already being wonderful in of itself in concept.

    Thanks once again green-team!


    Stephanie, I’m grateful to maximize your green ripples by sharing your words and your recipe with our green smoothie community at large.  And you made so many important points.  Sometimes, there are so, so many of us flying around kitchens looking after others it takes a real effort to just step aside from the busy lives that we lead and just give some quiet attention to where we’re at with our lifestyle.  How often do we take the time to just put something in our mouth and savor it for a moment before we consume it?

    And when families can decide together what kind of health they want for themselves and their future, it’s very empowering.  We have some great information coming up in the 10-Day Challenge about some great approaches to take with your family and children!  We want to build on the basics and provide more knowledge for you to make the best choices for your circumstances.

    Of course, even though this is the last day of our live 3-Day Green Smoothie Mini-Course, the program, my Green Team, and I are all here to stay and we’ll continue to share recipes, testimonials, and answer questions on the blog.  So I hope you’ll spread the word!

    Wrapping you in kale hugs and sending cilantro smooches,

    Your Grateful Green Smoothie Queen

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