Making Love in the Kitchen!

by Jody Power I would like to share with you one of my favorite blogs, well, obviously besides the Raw Mom and Raw Diva’s sites, it’s called Making Love in the Kitchen.  It is a blog by Meghan Telpner, who is a certified nutritionist and holistic lifestyle consultant.  Her … [Read more...]

A True Story: How I Left My Family for 5 Days… And How They Survived

I always do everything. I plan the meals, buy the food, prepare the dishes. I also do all the cleaning, all the bills, and generally just keep the family running. I do it all. My family could not survive without me. Well, o.k. They help a bit. … But I do most of it. So, … [Read more...]

Handy Tips when using Plastic…


By Jodie Power It’s back to school time which is a great time ensure your kids lunch containers are safe.  At home we try to use glass whenever possible, but that’s not going to work for school.   My kids are tough enough on plastic never mind trusting glass in their clutches … [Read more...]