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  • When you’re short on time and money

    Good Morning, Sunshine!

    I was having a great conversation yesterday with Jenn Ryan, our International Retreat Director, and we were talking about the fact that the biggest reason most people don’t take the plunge and come to a live event, or make a significant investment in a program that could completely change and improve their lives usually comes down to two things:

    1. Not enough time.

    2. Not enough money.

    The Trap of Time and Money

    I think it bears repeating that I’m a single, self-employed, homeschooling mom.

    I think it also bears repeating that only a few years ago, I was walking the streets of Montreal homeless and jobless. I lost everything–my home, my business, custody of my children and my right to walk in the street. (I was hospitalized after a severe illness while living in the tropics.)

    The really cool thing about losing everything is realizing the only thing that really matters is the one thing you can never lose–your belief in yourself and your willingness to dream.

    How I Make Time and Money

    Over the last 7 years, while building a business from the ground up and growing two amazing kids on the side, I have always maintained a significant investment in my personal study and growth. (Sometimes as much as 20 hours a week!!)

    The only way I was ever able to create the time and money I needed in my life was because I chose from the beginning to prioritize spending a lot of time and money on myself!

    I don’t mean more shoes and shinier lip gloss. I mean ME–the firecracker of life and enthusiasm looking to learn more, understand more, express myself authentically in life and live my dreams!

    Sometimes it was scary. Even when I didn’t feel I had time or money, I would go anyway. Invariably, I would walk out of study, or come back from a trip and the time and money would have sorted themselves out. I had a new perspective–a great idea, a more positive outlook on life and I felt more alive.

    That “aliveness” was the thing that built my business and allowed me to create the life I have now. It was never time or money, but ME and my willingness to dream and do the things I believed in and most wanted to experience.

    How to Design Your Life, Then Live It

    We’re had a lot of interest in our upcoming Lifestyle Design Retreat. It’s going to be an incredible experience for a small group of women who are ready to rocket launch their lives to a whole new level. Since the group size is very intimate, we’ve added another one in December and you can learn more about it here.

    If you feel like this is something you’d love to do, now or at some time in the future, then start to steer your heart in the direction of your dreams and watch what happens. Apply. Take the first step. Don’t stop yourself before you’ve even started with all the “reasons” why you “can’t” “shouldn’t” “couldn’t.”

    Whether it’s a retreat, a program, a love letter you’re yearning to write to someone you barely know, just DO IT! Take the first step, the first breath, in the direction of where you want to go and observe how alive you start to feel.

    Life and time and money will move in your favor when your certainty and confidence strengthen and assert themselves.

    The only barriers you have in life are the ones you put there to keep the game interesting. So whatever it is you long to do, experience, explore, acquire…

    …you’re going to feel more alive as you start to allow yourself to experience it.

    Get back to your wide-open heart, feel the vast freedom of believing in your dreams. No matter how much time or money you have, freedom,  happiness, confidence, certainty, courage and wisdom don’t come with a price tag or run on a clock.

    Go show Life who’s boss!

    Love without limits,


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    Meet a Few of My Friends: Masterminding for Inspiration & Entelechy

    Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” and that is why I tend to be pretty selective about the company I keep. I thought you might appreciate meeting a few of the cool cats I consider fortunate enough to associate myself with, and then I’ve got a special invitation for you, so stay tuned.

    Meet “The Core Four”

    Earlier this year I was invited to attend Cynthia Kersey’s “Celebrity Birthday Gala”! It was a special celebration and fund-raising initiative for her Unstoppable Foundation–a star-studded evening of NY Times best selling authors and famous faces who had all come together to support Cynthia’s mission to build schools in Kenya.

    Chris, me and Harue meet for the first time.

    I had no expectations, knew a couple  people that would be attending, and decided to just go with the flow and connect with the brightest lights in the room. It was no accident that I then ended up spending most of the evening with two of the most beautiful, inspiring, authentic and “shiny” people I’d ever met.

    Meet Chris and Harue

    Chris Cummings is a film producer, director, a brilliant graphic artist, and now marketing, SEO, and a copy writing maven. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the SEO and online world to help business owners keep their doors open during tough economic times. (Can’t wait to show you what he’s been working on! I’ll interview him soon, so watch for it!!) Chris is also the devoted dad to his brilliant and beautiful 4-year old daughter, Emerson, which makes him a charming combination of pretty much everything cool in one human being.

    Harue is as generous as she is gorgeous. She’s a beautiful breath of Brazilian fresh air and don’t let her soft good looks fool you. She’s a negotiating ninja, a whipper snapper in business and she’s been spending loads of time with me and the kids as she’s been very much implicated in the preparations of our Body Enlightenment project. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from her soon!

    mastermind friends

    Chris, Josh, me and Harue at the beach!

    Since that night in March, we’ve been keeping in communication, and somewhere along the way Chris decided to kickstart a mastermind group and invited the gentle and genius spirit of Josh Franer to the mix.

    Josh is a super cool cat and a film and photo genius. He’s worked on incredible projects in film, commercials, music videos and documentaries. Disney begs for his attention, but has to share it with beautiful women, fabulous friends and so many others who are trying to get a piece of this magical person for themselves! His visionary work in film and photography is breathtaking and you can catch a peek of it herewhere you’ll see that his heart stretches a whole lot wider than his camera lens!

    How We Mastermind

    Every two weeks, the four of us hook up for a call on the telephone to catch up, share wisdom, inspiration and ideas about how to move forward in our professional and personal lives. Recently, we decided it would be a cool thing to invite other inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to our meetings for a dose of wisdom and inspiration.

    This week, we’re inviting MY DAD!! and I thought you might like to join us. :-)

    You’ll learn all about my Dad, and why I thought him the perfect person to join us during the call.

    I’ll be sending out an invitation to all those who are signed up to the WISH Summit and WISH Radio calls. Just sign up in the top right corner of the page, and you’ll be able to access the call!


    Thanks to Chris, I learned that the word “entelechy” means “realization of potential.” Since I learned it, I find it tough to use another word to describe that insatiable search for growth and deeper meaning. 😉


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    Sheri McConnell Tells Business Women to “Man Up!”

    OK, so I was getting ready to write another weekly WISH Club email about Sheri McConnell, when I decided this is really too good. It must be shared.  Sheri McConnell is the CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning. I recognize that I need a guide, a mentor, someone to lead and inspire me to raise the level of my own game, and I’m seriously considering Sheri as my new coach/mentor. I’ll keep you posted.

    In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy these little nuggets of wisdom from my interview with Sheri. They’ve been taken from our WISH Workbook which is available here, or you can sign up to listen to all the calls at any time.

    “The biggest mistake is thinking small. There are no rules. People take one step at a time they don’t have to. You can skip steps, think bigger. There is lots of competition in the beginning and middle, but far less at the top because people don’t take that leap of faith. It requires hours, dedication, and courage and be willing to do what it takes to run a company.

    “Know your skill set and allow others to do the jobs they know how to do well. They will do it efficiently, and economically. The money you save you can put back into the company or into you.

    “Successful people are usually very nice people. What gets in the way is Read more »

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    John Robbins is Living Better in an Age of Less

    This is a bit about our WISH interview with John Robbins. To listen this call, click play on the audio player below.

    Do you have the latest iPhone? Does your computer need a new software update?
    Are you still wearing last year’s fashion statements? Have you seen the latest commercial telling you to get more, eat more, buy more, do more, have more stuff in your life?

    If you ever get that feeling that you need better clothes a bigger house, a faster car and sexier hair do, before you can really start living the good life, then  this call is for you.

    You see, we’ve been living in age where success is determined by how much junk you pack in your trunk. But in these challenging economic times, the tides are turning. John Robbins joins the WISH Summit to share with us how you can actually start to live better than ever in age of less.

    Here are a few of the questions I asked him in this call (and my secret cheat notes for the call!):
    Read more »

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    Carol Look Taps Into the Vibration of Abundance for WISH: Women’s International Summit for Health

    Carol Look is a complete gem and she knocked my socks off even before I picked up the phone to call her for this interview. She’s going to be one of the very first calls out of the gate, because we want her to really help us set the vibration high for the rest of the event! Her attitude of abundance is just the kind of energy you want flowing through you when you start hearing all the good news and helpful solutions that will be coming down the pipelines of our WISH summit!

    Her book is the book I used to help me pull in some big sales recently. Whenever I’m feeling stuck or dragging my energetic butt through the mud, I put one of Carol’s CDs on and tap my way to a higher vibration.

    Carol’s own success stories will blow your mind. Here’s a sneak peek at what we talked about:

    What it takes to adjust your attitude of abundance?

    Why you will never be rich if you feel poor (and you’ll never be slim when you feel fat)! Read more »

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