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  • Mint: Fall in Love with the Nutritious Nymph Green Smoothie

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    I’m still delighted with this “history of leafy greens” kick I appear to be on.  I suppose that I’ve been convinced already for some time of the nutritious and healing benefits of greens. I’ve seen for myself how great they make me feel, so anytime new information comes along, such as the story on omega-3’s that we learned from Victoria Boutenko, I’m not *reeeeeally* surprised.

    Sometimes I just get a craving for something a little more fanciful and alluring.  Just like adding a few leaves of mint to a green smoothie recipe (and I have a gorgeous green smoothie recipe for you to try below!) can give your other greens a tasty boost, sometimes adding in a fanciful story to go with the medicinal benefits just makes you fall in love with greens that much more. 

    That’s where the story of mint comes in today. Read more »

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    Creamy Fruit-Free Green Smoothie Recipes: Chocolate Lover Alert!

    – by Katia Dupoirier

    chocolate mint cinnamon green smoothie

    Once again we’re featuring some salivating green smoothie selections from Katia!  We often get requests from people who are trying to limit or avoid fruit in their diets, so these particular green smoothie recipes might be just the trick.  All I know is that there’s chocolate involved.

    Enough said. Read more »

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    Fortunate Friday

    – by Stacey Terry

    Well, I’ve had the luck of housesitting in someone else’s lovely home for the last week.  And I’ve taken full advantage… dips in the hottub, moments enjoying winter’s quiet beauty and silence outside the city, and all the space a gal could ever need to leave her stuff lying around.

    Even more exciting, I was able to upgrade from my trust Oscar to a high-powered blender… It’s going to be soooo hard to go back home.  Having access to a REAL machine has meant I’ve been on a total green smoothie rampage.  I’ve been just throwing stuff together and watching it pulpify in seconds. Why make meals when that’s so much fun?

    And since this morning’s experiments turned out REALLY well, I thought I’d take a moment to share the recipe.  I’m out of my usual greens (and didn’t want to have to drive anywhere to get more), so I foraged in the fridge and figured I’d use up the following:

    Stacey’s Strawberry Mint Shake


    • 1 – 2 cups frozen strawberries
    • 3 sprigs of mint (leaves and stems)*
    • 4 big stalks of celery, leaves and all
    • 1 very ripe banana
    • wee bit of water to get things going


    Put in your blender and momentarily you’re on your way to a fortunate and refreshing delight.  *Oh yeah… the mint… I had some leftover from a recipe that I tried that DIDN’T work… eep.

    I have to give up my temporary palace and return to the city tomorrow, but I thank my lucky smoothies that it’s been such a great opportunity to relax and work in peace.

    Have a fortunate and peaceful weekend yourselves!

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    Busting the Christmas Cravings!

    Looking at the greens in your fridge and not sure you’re up for a full-throttle garden glory, but not wanting to resort to cooked food either?  Kate has your solution!

    – by Kate N.

    You know those days when you wake up craving something sweet and decadent? Well, that happened to me this morning. Work has been so insanely busy over the last two days, I’d gotten home too late to get to the shops to stock up on yummy fruits and veggies. I wandered into the kitchen this morning to be greeted by a mountain of chocolate cookies and cakes my sister had brought over the night before. All that remained in ‘my’ corner of the kitchen was one solitary avocado…Was I tempted by the cooked food? No! Thanks to the lessons I’ve learned on my BES journey, I rolled up my sleeves and got creative.

    Here’s what I made:

    Chocolate Heaven Smoothie

    1 avocado
    handful of mint leaves
    some frozen cherries
    nut mylk  (small amount for a thick ‘dessert’ type smoothie, more for a liquid one)
    raw cacao powder (about 2 heaped tsp or to taste)
    1-2 Tbsp Agave or 1 tsp raw honey

    Blend and enjoy!

    The avocado provides a good dose of lutein, which helps to maintain healthy eyesight. It’s also rich in potassium, vitamins B, E, and K and a good source of monounsaturated fat (giving the smoothie a wonderful creamy texture).

    Cherries are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and folate; one study (by the University of Michigan), suggests that they are good for fat loss, particularly belly-fat.

    The mint aids digestion, while the cacao offers an abundance of health-giving nutrients – antioxidants, flavonoids, catechins and above all, the wonderful mood-enhancing theobromine, making you feel all loved up and happy!

    P.S. – If the sight of shortbread and cookies is still making you vibrate, then you may need some heavy duty craving cullers.  Right now, you can take advantage of The Raw Divas Cravings and Emotional Eating Program for a third of the regular price!

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    Top ‘O the mornin’ to you all! (Irish Creme Green Smoothie with Bananas, Spinach, Mint, Vanilla, and Carob)

    four leaf clover held in handEven if you have no Irish in you, you can definitely enjoy a wonderful Luck of the Irish Green Smoothie! What better time than for a celebration of St. Patrick. Instead of green beer this year why not try a green smoothie!

    An old favorite Irish drink of mine is a nice, sweet Irish Crème! This time I’m keeping it healthy as well as yummy.

    • Banana (2 or 3) spinach
    • Spinach (couple of handfuls)
    • Fresh Mint (just a few sprigs)
    • Vanilla (dash)
    • Carob Powder (wee bit)
    • Blend this all up and drink a toast to all things Irish and Green!

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