Raw Food Spotlight: The Health Benefits of Seaweeds


Raw Food Spotlight: The Health Benefits of Seaweeds Seaweeds for Cleansing the Lymph - by Stephanie Gadsden You cannot ignore the superfood that is seaweed! Reported to have higher amounts of nutrients than most land vegetables, seaweed has been used for thousands of years … [Read more...]

Raw Food for Health and Swollen Lymph Nodes

Raw Food For Health: Flirting with The Lymph Swollen Lymph Nodes And What To Do About It! - by Michele Santo Lymph nodes are small, bean shaped nodules of tissues that are a part of the lymphatic system. Ducts go in and out of them like tiny doorways. These nodes can be found … [Read more...]

Top 5 Fresh Raw Food Tips to Relieve Water Retention

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Raw Foods for Lymphatic Health and Water Retention - by Katie Rainbird We’ve likely all heard, “The human body is approximately 70% water.” However, if you’re suffering from water retention it may feel as though it’s much more than that! Water retention symptoms include: … [Read more...]

Cleavers: An Herb for Lymphatic Health


Cleavers: An Herb for Lymphatic Health -by Christie Fischer Lymphatics: A word that most people have heard of but it still conjures up a few “I’m not really sure what it is…” type of thoughts. Your lymphatic -- or lymphoid -- system plays a key part in your health and immune … [Read more...]

Lymphatic Health: Cleaning Out Your Body’s Waste

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Cleaning Up Your Lymph Fluid with Fresh Fruit & Veg By Danielle Greason As we being to clean up our diet, drink some more green smoothies and replace a few sandwiches with salads, our body will ramp up its house cleaning efforts, getting rid of all the unwanted ‘stuff’ … [Read more...]