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  • Why Eating Local Takes the Cake

    Why Eating Local Takes the Cake

    By Hillary Monroe, MS RD LDN

    With fad foods and diets coming and going at a clip that leaves even the most seasoned foodie in a tizzy, it does give us a good opportunity to highlight what has not changed: local food. The local food movement is not necessarily new but has taken a stronger hold over the past few years. Take my hometown, Boston, where at first the market downtown, Haymarket, was one of a kind but now farmers markets are as common as fast food restaurants! I for one am a big fan of this increased accessibility. Read more »

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    BiG 2010 Green Smoothie Recipe Contest – Our Winner!

    – by Stacey Terry


    Continuing on from yesterday’s announcement of our green smoothie smiles winner, I’m going to jump ahead to the recipe contest and serve you up with some free yummy nutritious green smoothie recipe entries!

    In honour of Believe in Green, for this contest we asked for recipes that were a little different.  We invited our green smoothie enthusiasts to make the most local and seasonal green smoothie they could depending on where they lived.

    We wanted our recipes to be green in more than just the nutritious way.  By using ingredients that were local, this pollution-busting lawnmower pulp would also have a smaller carbon footprint with saved transportation and storage energy.

    I kicked things off with the photo you see above, and here’s what I made:

    Read more »

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    Love Affair with a CSA…

    by Eliza Ceci

    Reasons to Love CSA

    Did you know New Jersey is called ‘The Garden State’?

    People who are only familiar with the stereotypes of big hair, tanning and Sopranos lifestyles can’t believe it when they travel through our beautiful state and see miles and miles of beautiful and lush farmland. Some of my best memories as a kid were picking berries or peaches with the juice dribbling down my chin or the familiar yummy taste of sweet corn at summer dinnertime.

    Seeing the lazy sheep in the fields always got me dreaming of having my own one day – that particular memory makes my husband very nervous, mostly I think in anxiety that I will ask him to move with me to a farm in the middle of nowhere! (He is not the type to live outside the comfortable pleasures of his favorite Italian deli two blocks away).

    There is nothing like fresh-from-the-garden produce. Joining my local CSA has taught me Read more »

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