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  • Raw Mom Cooked Dad Day 8: Vanessa Stewart, Sherri Nickols & Leanne Ely

    How cute were the kiddies?!! Sergei and Gabriela were music to all health seeking parent’s ears – and Karen was just Karen – a beacon of light.

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    Tracey from South Africa! I loved hearing from you on the blog yesterday – and hope that the Monkey Mike Raw Kitchen Uncook  Book with help bring fun to your kitchen – and get your hubby involved as well as the kids! Would love some pic’s for the blog :)

    Today’s blog comment winner will receive copy of The Simple Gourmet.

    Now, on to the menu du jour…

    We’ve talked enough about food for the last few days, it’s time to switch gears a bit! While the food we eat has a huge impact on our overall health and well-being, as many of our guests have reinforced already, there’s a lot more to life than what we put on our plates. Today’s guests are going to help you get in the nooks and crannies of your life to handle a few other things that may be interfering with your overall well-being and relationship health.

    Check out what’s in store with today’s dynamite divas:


    Vanessa Stewart

    Firecracker alert! You’re going to LOOOOVE this woman. Vanessa is the “Clutter-Free Diva” and she knows going to get the kitch, clutter and useless junk out of your life so you can make room for something better. Just think of how you feel when your sink is clean, your counters are clear and you open up your underwear draw to see perfectly folded dainties. C’mon… is there anything better than a clean sink and counter at the end of a long day? Maybe, but it remains an undeniable fact that people manage their environment in the same way they manage their thoughts and relationships, so check out this call for some unexpected, but much needed advice on how to turn around your attitude and love life with a few simple tips  from the Clutter-Free Diva herself!


    Sherri Nickols

    OH MY GOODNESS! Vanessa’s call is the firecracker that started a veritable firework display when Sherri Nickols took our Raw Mom, Cooked Dad stage. If it’s been a few years since you’ve sat down to watch a trashy soap opera in the middle of a weekday afternoon, then you’re going to love this call. It felt like a therapy session and there were certainly no holds barred. When Sherri started talking about some of the patterns women get into that totally create problems in their relationships, I had a forehead slap that could be heard from miles around!!

    I’ll confess... this call happened in the middle of a somewhat volcanic week with my beloved. (This Raw Mom, Cooked Dad event isn’t happening by accident, you realize–I’ve been needing to get some answers and help myself!) Anyway, in the middle of this call, I actually wrote on email with tears streaming down my face and TOTALLY realized the problems I’d been creating until now and exactly what to do to make it better and things have been smooth sailing ever since!!

    If you have relationship friction, you NEED this call. It will totally turn things around, and all it takes is you knowing a few of Sherri’s tricks and suggestions!

    Leanne Ely


    Okay, so for our next guest, we thought, “Hey! We need to get outside of our raw food circle and pull in some celebrities.” So, we looked to find out who is the world’s leading expert on meal preparation tips for busy families, and that’s when we found Leanne! He advice is great when it comes to prepping your cooked food meals, but when it come to raw food bulk… we have another surprise guest coming to share some tips in a few days!

    Leanne is a New York Times best-selling author with her ‘Saving Dinner’ Series. In her interview she gives some back to basics advice on how to create, organise and execute your shopping list in order to have great meals at hand at any time. Freezer space is certainly the crux of this interview :)

    Okay, You Multi-tasking Marathon Moms! We Have Some Surprises!!

    We know you’ve been doing your best to fit in all these calls, and we’ve been getting a lot of requests for more time to listen to them. I’m afraid peace, love and happiness aren’t calorie dense enough for us to feed our families, so we have put  together the Relax Pack so that people who would like to access these calls at any time in the future, may do so.

    VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We’re going to have a LIVE Q&A Grande Finale call for our event, and there are a few more speakers yet to be revealed that will KNOCK YOUR COOKED FOOD SOCKS RIGHT OFF!! Just so you know, the fun isn’t going to stop on Day 10. 😉 Day 11 is the Grande Finale when we reveal some exciting surprises, special secret guests and more!!!

    Love and mystery,

    Tera and Fiona


    Just in case you’re able to reserve it in advance, mark Wednesday 4pm EASTERN in your calendar for our Live Q&A Call. If you’re not available at that time, we’re going to send you a link tomorrow where you can send in your questions ahead of time. There are going to be THREE FABULOUSLY FRISKY hostesses for this call and you can probably guess who two of them will be, but the third I won’t reveal just yet. 😉

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