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  • Leah Jacobson: Harnessing the Healing Power of Mother Nature with Green Smoothies – Part 2

    – by Leah Jacobson

    (…continued from Part 1)

    Drinking Green smoothies is like arming yourself with the full power of mother Nature.

    It puts me on the side of Life itself.  To the side that says, “I care about myself no matter what is going on, no matter what demands I need to meet.

    These green leaves are literally kissed by the highest source of energy in the universe: the sun. This makes green smoothies the most healing, nutritious, energizing, rejuvenating, balancing, nourishing food on planet Earth. Read more »

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    Leah Jacobson: Kicking Coffee, Getting Green, and Making Choices – Part 1

    – by Leah Jacobson

    kick coffee naturally

    I used to be concerned that people would think I’m a granola type.

    But that was before I learned to really cherish my health.  After having three boys in three years, I was seriously seeking some energy.

    I sought it all right, but in all the wrong places: coffee, chocolate and carbs.

    In retrospect my blood sugar probably yo-yoed for years.  I just didn’t have any energy, and I was nervous from all the caffeine.  Only I didn’t know that I could do without it.   Read more »

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