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  • Raw Food Recipes: 3 Easy Salad Dressings Your Family Will Love

    Raw Food Recipes: 3 Easy Salad Dressing Recipes Your Family Will Love

    Good ol’ oil and vingear doesn’t always cut it. You need a bit of flare for your leafy meals and a bit of pizazz in your salads! These recipes I’m sharing here were a hit with my family and you will absolutely LOVE then! Let’s start the magic with this dressing that I have been serving almost daily for about a month because my whole family went crazy over it.

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    Take a Peak Inside Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne’s Organised Kitchen – Part Two

    raw food kitchenRaw Chef Kristen Suzanne shares 3 more great tips for having a well-planned raw food kitchen. Check out the first 3 tips and more photos of Kristen’s very own raw kitchen in the first post here.

    Getting your raw food kitchen groove on will really enhance this lifestyle and make it extra easy! Today, I’m sharing with you some tips about labeling, storage, and how to utilize your refrigerator and freezer for raw food success.

    1) Glass mason jars keep it fresh and healthy!

    My storage tool of choice is a glass mason jar. It’s perfect for smoothies, raw soups, raw pate, desserts (mousse, cookies, etc), salad dressings, and more. Using glass is the way to go if you want the healthiest option for both your family and our earth. And, they’re pretty cheap, too!

    Want to kick it up a notch in freshness?

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    Take a Peak Inside Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne’s Organised Kitchen – Part One

    raw food3 Tips For How a Well-Planned Kitchen Can Help You Stay Raw 

    by Raw Chef Kristen Suzanne of Kristen’s Raw

    Having a well-planned raw food kitchen is an important key to succeeding with a raw diet. This includes the foods you keep stocked as well as the kitchen appliances and gadgets you have. The trick is to make everything as streamlined as possible, almost so you don’t have to think twice about it. Below are 3 tips for keeping a well-planned raw kitchen.

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    Raw Babies: Baby Led Weaning

    Raw Babies

    – by Kristen Suzanne

    I’m frequently asked about Kamea’s diet and what first foods I’m feeding her. We are not a strictly raw house, but the majority of our diet is raw. Kamea will likely follow suit. She is 11 months old and still exclusively breastfed for the most part. I’m going to share what I do, and share a raw baby food recipe she likes.

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    How I Stay Ripped on a Raw Food Diet

    Raw Exercise

    – by Kristen Suzanne

    I switch between an all-raw and HRAV (High Raw, All Vegan) diet and my husband follows suit since I’m in charge of food – haha! :-) I’m not soft and skinny; my body is toned and I have no problem maintaining that. And, my husband is buff and his bod is mega hot – ripped abs, chiseled chest…TMI? Maybe… 😉  Then again, maybe not!

    Here’s what we do to maintain our muscle mass

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