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  • Green Smoothie Desserts Your Kids Will Flip For!

    – Recipes by Katia Dupoirier

    We know…

    It can be tricky sometimes to find the balance between your kids’ demands for “yummy” and your desire for “healthy”, but this weekend your family can have it all!

    We have a couple green smoothie dessert recipes that both you and your kids will agree are a delectable delight… or at least will get you a hard earned “Yeah, it’s okay Mom!”  😉

    Half the fun with dessert is the presentation, so be sure to let your kids choose how they’d like to decorate their green smoothies!  Have some fancy cups on hand, some silly straws, or extra bits of fruit and greens for garnishing!

    Dig in… Read more »

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    Creamy Fruit-Free Green Smoothie Recipes: Chocolate Lover Alert!

    – by Katia Dupoirier

    chocolate mint cinnamon green smoothie

    Once again we’re featuring some salivating green smoothie selections from Katia!  We often get requests from people who are trying to limit or avoid fruit in their diets, so these particular green smoothie recipes might be just the trick.  All I know is that there’s chocolate involved.

    Enough said. Read more »

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    Greens, Goji, and Ginger: G-G-Gooood Green Smoothie Recipes

    greens gogi ginger - green smoothie recipes

    Greens, Goji, and Ginger: G-G-Gooood Green Smoothie Recipes

    – by Katia Dupoirier

    Katia has shared with us a number of fantastic green smoothie recipes that will keep your future weekends lean and green!  We’ll start today with two of her green smoothie recipes using goji berriesginger, and of course – our favourite – greens, to make sure your Saturday and Sunday keep you going, glowing, and gleeful.

    Yes… I’m afraid I’m quite tempted to overuse my “g” alliteration today with these ingredients.  But hey, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to give some attention to our g-spots today!  😉

    (heheh… Forgive me… I think my impending vacation to Las Vegas, the good old city of sin,  is getting me a little more cheeky than usual)  But enough from me… I’ll let you get to the goooooood stuff from Katia: Read more »

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