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  • Magic Socks to Boost the Immune System!

    Cold & Flu RemedyMagic Socks to Boost the Immune System!

    – by Tera Warner

    Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been getting tonnes of suggestions about how to make myself better and thought I’d share a couple here on the blog!

    I’d also love to hear what you do when a winter cold hits and the green leafy power is not quite cutting it!

    Here they are…

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    Three Immune Boosting Green Smoothie Recipes for Spring Sniffles and Flu Fighting

    by Carol Jensen

    Kite weather, spring showers, the return of song birds, early blooming bulbs, Easter bunnies and colored eggs: they all mean one thing…another cold!

    Even though many people typically associate viral illness with winter months, statistics show that the rate of infection from the common cold remains high in most countries of the northern hemisphere until April.

    Children average 6-8 colds per season and adults typically catch 2-4 colds. So although spring is just around the corner, now is not the time to be complacent about guarding the immune system.  If you’d rather stock up on fruits and greens rather than tissues and cough syrup, here’s what you need to know about using green smoothies to avoid your next spring cold.

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    Mint: Fall in Love with the Nutritious Nymph Green Smoothie

    shared from Veraveg.org

    I’m still delighted with this “history of leafy greens” kick I appear to be on.  I suppose that I’ve been convinced already for some time of the nutritious and healing benefits of greens. I’ve seen for myself how great they make me feel, so anytime new information comes along, such as the story on omega-3’s that we learned from Victoria Boutenko, I’m not *reeeeeally* surprised.

    Sometimes I just get a craving for something a little more fanciful and alluring.  Just like adding a few leaves of mint to a green smoothie recipe (and I have a gorgeous green smoothie recipe for you to try below!) can give your other greens a tasty boost, sometimes adding in a fanciful story to go with the medicinal benefits just makes you fall in love with greens that much more. 

    That’s where the story of mint comes in today. Read more »

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    Exfoliating was Never So Tasty! Organic Home Recipes that Reveal Beautiful, Kissable Skin!

    – by Louise Forrest

    There are a great number of exfoliates in many of the foods you eat. These can be canned or preserved, but they lose potency through the processes, much like they lose nutrients. By making the following recipes to enhance your organic skin care, you are adding the freshest possible exfoliates to your routine, which will give your skin an incredible look and feel. Remember to buy only organic ingredients for these recipes because you do not need your skin absorbing toxins from chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. That defeats the purpose! Read more »

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