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  • Why You Should Definitely Take Your Next Green Smoothie to Work!

    – by Stacey Terry


    Before you hesitate or worry about sneaking your jug of green delicious goo past your sandwich snacking and cola chugging chums at the office, you should definitely take a moment to read a journal entry from Lorraine Clifford.  She recently participated in the 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox – which, as you’ll find, is quite a surprise!

    Discover what a difference green smoothies have made for leaf-lovin’ Lorraine and why YOU should show off your jugs with pride.

    uh… your green jugs, people!!  😉

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    A Fear of Celery: Don’t Let it Stalk You!!

    – by Marla Evans

    You want me to eat WHAT???

    I’m a mother’s dream!  I love food, all kinds of food.  Love trying new foods.  Mom never had any trouble getting me to eat what was on my plate.  I even loved my veggies (how odd is THAT?).  Yes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are my favorite foods. I’m weird. I get it.

    My list of NO WAY foods is very short so I figured this 21 day challenge thing would be a breeze for me.  Lots of new veggies? OH YEAH!   Then I got this week’s menu….   I looked at the Preparation Week at a Glance and saw all the fun dishes in store for me – Fruit Soup, Snow Bunny Smoothie, Pink ‘n Green Smoothie COOL!

    I took off for the grocery store to pick up all my goodies. Had a wonderful time looking over all the beautiful fruits and picking out new greens (rainbow chard is gorgeous!). Started on the veggie section:  avocado, broccoli, then there it was (cue eerie music)…   I can’t do it.  I can’t even LOOK at that! The smell….the taste…the texture….My whole body shudders at the thought of having to put THAT in my mouth! NO! It…it’s…it’s…   Read more »

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    Beet Greens and Baby Spinach: Recipes from the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

    banangoberry blast green smoothieMy name is Tanya and I read about the Green Smoothie Queen for the first time on the Raw Diva’s website.

    Now I have to say I was more sucessful with the 3 day challenge than with the first challenge I with the Raw Diva 7-day detox I did.  (heheh… Unfortunately I had a few slip ups my first time around, but it got things in motion!)  It has been an interesting process incorporating more raw foods and yummy green smoothies into my diet.

    My boys (5 and 3) are very accepting and willing to try the smoothies (even the not so tasty ones).  Even my husband has also joined me on my journey, so I am very excited that this may work!   Since the Raw Diva challenge three weeks ago,  I have planted a garden for fresh produce and I’m making small changes daily.  I know myself and if I go totally whole banana, I Read more »

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    Change and Challenge is Marvelous at 75! (and 1/8)

    – by Stacey Terry

    how to deal with changeIt’s the summer solstice!  The longest day of the year… a day for a new season, and a reminder that things in the natural world are always changing, always moving towards something new.

    How do you feel about change?  How do you deal with it?

    I always used to think of change as something dreadful, something to endure, a trial to get through until I could find some equilibrium again.   My perspective always tended to be negative, and so, any time life sent me on detours, (which was often… and still is) I spent more time kicking and screaming than paying attention to whether the detour might actually be a better road than the one I was on before.

    If you’ve never read it, I suggest you find an hour in your life somewhere to enjoy this Read more »

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    A “Diva” Dude Discovers Green Smoothies!

    It’s true!  heheh… My Queenly powers of green persuasion have managed to encourage my new friend Tim to venture down the road of green smoothies!  But I can already see that Tim’s a pretty smart guy.  😉 He’s already figured out that it’s important to experiment and listen to your body… to do the work and find out what’s best for you.

    Keeping a food journal and trying an elimination diet for a period of time to find out what your food triggers are is a fantastic way to take more control over your health.  And then of course, replacing meat, milk, and gluten-containing foods like wheat with more raw food, fruits, and veggies will go a LONG way to turning you into the energetic person you were meant to be.

    So, this is a challenge to other men out there! Take a page from Tim’s journal and see how you feel!  You’re already invited for free to our 7-Day Summer Slurping Sensation.  Just find a loved one to sign up and send you the coupon!  But I’ll let Tim tell you more! Read more »

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