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  • Raw Green Juice Recipe: Cool as a Cucumber!

    Raw Green Juice Recipe: Cool as a Cucumber!

    Cool as a Cucumber!

    – Recipe by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

    Guess what, Mom!? The Raw Divas has a NEW juice cleanse program starting NEXT WEEK! And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re gonna share some juicy recipes for you to sink your teeth straw into!

    Fresh raw juices are a GREAT way to help beat the heat during a hot summer’s day, wouldn’t you say? And with this thirst-quenching (AND immune-boosting!) fresh and raw green juice recipe up your sleeve, you’re sure to stay cool… as a cucumber!

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    What Does a Pregnant Raw Mama Eat?

    Raw Pregnancy

    – by Joanna Steven

    The key to getting enough nutrition during pregnancy is to eat as many nutrient-dense foods as you can while avoiding foods that are filling but not that nutritious in comparison. For example, if you want some cooked food, go for quinoa, not white rice. If you want a drink, go for a green juice instead of plain water, although you definitely do need water as well.

    Don’t shy away from nut butters, because they are high in protein, calories, and many nutrients. And, despite what some might say, there is a difference between good and bad fats, and it’s perfectly fine to have some olive oil and avocado. I already had stretch marks when I was 14, but my diet was dismal. When I was 8 months pregnant, however, I didn’t have a single visible stretch mark. I credit my diet that is full of hydrating juices, smoothies, and delicious healthy fats.

    So what does a pregnant raw mama eat? Here are examples from my pregnancy…

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    Green Your Run: Choose Your Best Green Fuel

    – by Yitka Winn

    healthy jogging tips

    Some people have a natural ability to hop out of bed and enjoy a pleasant morning jog. Let me begin by saying that, though I call myself a runner, I am not one of these people.

    I am a woman with a finicky stomach that’s led me, over time, to resign myself to running solely in the afternoon or evening.

    Conventional running and nutrition wisdom states that the ideal time to eat a pre-run meal is 3-4 hours before exercise. Short of setting an alarm clock to wolf down food in the middle of the night, what’s a tempestuous-tummied runner to do if she wants to knock out some miles before work?

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    Don’t Let Brian Clement Burst Your Green Smoothie Bubble

    – by Stacey Terry

    Wow.  Nothing burns my butter lettuce like fear-mongering. If you dropped by the Queen’s Facebook page this week, you may have noticed a video (see above) that our friend, Johanna, came across and shared with us.  In it, Brian Clement makes some pretty disparaging claims saying that when you blend foods like green smoothies, “you’re killing 85 – 92% of the nutrients” due to oxidation.

    After watching it, Johanna wrote, “Tell me what you think of this guy…I’m definitely taking his philosophies with a grain of salt but he is still bursting a few bubbles for me…”

    Nooooo wonder.

    While I can’t ever imagine being afraid of blended bananas and spinach, I know that trying to move forward and make decisions from a place of fear is never useful and always frustrating.   Sometimes you need to relax, take another look at the fear, and then move forward from a place that feels good.

    So, that said, here’s *my*  feel-good and fearless Facebook reply to Brian Clement’s video, Think Green Smoothies Are Healthy? Not After Hearing this You Won’t

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    Raw Food Recipes: Creamy Cilantro Soup, Green Juice & Celery Salad

    These spring cleanse recipes were contributed by Elaina Love who will be teaching a Raw Food Chef Certification program in Bali this coming May. Please visit her website to check out more about this amazing opportunity!

    3 Green Alkaline Recipes to Help You Cleanse for Spring

    By Elaina Love

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