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  • 6 Delicious and Beneficial Alternatives to Kick Your Coffee Habit

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    6 Delicious and Beneficial Alternatives to Kick Your Coffee Habit

    by Bethanne Wanamaker

    Years ago, I used to be the girl who embraced the daily habit of frequenting the coffee shop on my way to work or the dog park to get my extra hot tall mocha. Mmmm, how I loved it. My mocha was dairy-free which made me feel like it was a superior choice. At some point I came to my senses and realized that it was the actual act of this habit that I wanted the most, and not necessarily the way it made me feel even though it felt warm n’ fuzzy in my body while going down.

    I initially switched to lattes, then green tea and yerbe mate, and finally to tonic herbal tea and making my own mocha at home infused with superfoods and raw cacao. It was a gradual shift over several months which made it easy to slowly release my attachment to holding the hot brew while I engaged in life. Read more »

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    How to Create Love this Valentine’s Day

    How to Create Love this Valentine’s Day

    -by Brenna Ortner

    Valentine’s Day is almost here again. Maybe you aren’t feeling valentiny at all. In fact, maybe you want to hide away, and you just don’t feel like getting out of  your negative-nancy rut. Instead, you want to gorge, whether it be on food or on negative feelings. But I can promise you that will not help a thing. So let’s agree to put down the pizza, put down the putting-yourself-down and slowly, carefully walk towards the light.  

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    Raw Food Recipe: Rosemary Chipotle Veggie Toast

    Raw Food Recipe: Rosemary Chipolte Veggie Toast

    Rosemary Chipotle Veggie ‘Toast’

    – by raw chef Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Foods

    If you’ve been participating in The Raw Divas recent 10-day Juice Cleanse program, or if simply love preparing fresh juices, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that a lot of fruit and veggie pulp gets left behind. Doesn’t it seem wasteful to throw away all that pulp?

    Composting the leftover pulp from preparing your fresh juices is never a waste, thank goodness. Additionally, you can save the leftover veggie pulp to use in a variety raw recipes!

    Here’s a delicious, versatile, and money-saving recipe uses the leftover pulp from your nut milks and veggie juices. It can be made into raw bread, toast, or even crackers!

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    How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Greens

    How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Greens

    How To Get The Kids On Board with JUICING!

    – by Jay and Linda Kordich

    We have raised two boys, who are now in their late 20?s.  One of our children was so finicky, he would gag at the thought of eating cooked vegetables, or even if certain foods were touching other foods on the plate. This went on for years and years.

    It was incredibly frustrating for us, but through ingenuity and patience, we have found a solution for even the finickiest of eaters!

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    Raw Green Juice Recipe: Fen-Omenal!

    Raw Green Juice Recipe: Fen-Omenal!


    – Recipe by Angela Stokes-Monarch

    In commemoration of our new juice cleanse program debuting next week, we’ve got another leafy yet lovely green juice recipe for you to slurp your way to vibrancy and health!

    You’ll love the taste of fennel in this juice. It’s light, refreshing, and the lime and lemon juices in the recipe help to lift and sweeten the flavour a little too!

    Whether you’re taking part in a juice cleanse or simply wanting to increase the amount of potently powerful greens in your diet, this Fen-omenal green juice recipe is certain to leave you feeling… phenomenal!

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