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  • How to Feel Fabulous Without Wearing Foundation

    natural beauty, natural skin careHow to Feel Fabulous Without Wearing Foundation

    – by Guest Blogger Rachel Redondo

    My name is Rachel and I’m excited for the opportunity to share with you!  I’m currently enrolled in the Natural Beauty course at BodyEnlightenment.com and am excited to learn and experience the knowledge Tera and Nadine have to share on so many interesting and relevant topics.

    I’ve been researching quite a bit myself over the past few years, but I have yet to find a single source that includes quality information on all the topics I’ve been searching for. It seems I’ve stumbled in the right direction at the perfect moment as this BE Beauty course touches on every topic I’d love to learn about. Topics like natural dentistry and oral care, homemade beauty recipes and the how and why certain ingredients are great for you, hair and nail health discussions and recipes, the best food for nourishing your cells and achieving a healthy glow through food sources, and so much more!! Eeeeeee! It feel like I’ve hit the self help beauty jackpot and I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning! <3

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