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  • Debbie Rosas Helps You Cultivate Your Curves and Get That Body Moving

    If you’ve ever worked out tirelessly with bands, bricks, barbells and way too tight running shoes only to feel like you were still missing something in your fitness routine, then chances are you have never tried Nia.

    You can run marathons and workout at the gym three times a week, but what about your curves? When do they get to play?

    And what about that insatiable calling within to dance, to move express to explore what your body can do? Here to help answer that call from within and a few of our questions on this subject is the co-founder of Nia, Debbie Rosas.

    Here are some of the questions I asked her in this interview:

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    Seane Corn for the Women’s International Summit for Health

    This call with Seane Corn during WISH Summit rocked my world. Even yesterday morning I got the kids and I up early and we each did our sun salutations and started to day off with deep breaths and long, well-stretched legs. You can register for this call (and all calls) here.

    Okay, Ladies. When this call comes about, it’s going to be time to put away your cell phone, forget about the dishes the laundry and the list of things to do. You’ve got to tuck in the kids, send your man out for an errand and do yourself the favor of committing a few undistracted moments to listen in for the duration of this call.

    You see, there’s been someone you’ve been neglecting.

    In the multitasking madness of everyday life, there’s been someone getting the short end of the stick, and we’ve got Seane Corn with us here to not only remind you of who that is, but to tell you how to find her again, and how to treat her right, so you can get back to your to do lists after this call feeling more inspired, refreshed and on purpose than ever before.

    Here are a few of the questions I asked her:

    Seane, what was life like for you before yoga entered center stage?

    What do you think are the biggest obstacles (I want to say excuses) women have to overcome in order to prioritize this for themselves? (This answer blew my mind, and I must have talked about it in a dozen other calls!!)

    What’s your daily practice? What are some of the non-negotiables that you’ve established as a part of your lifestyle that keep you centered and feeling your best?

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    Sheila Kelley Helps You Cultivate Your Curves and Feel More Sensual (and Fit) Than Ever

    It’s Valentine’s Day coming up just around the corner, and I couldn’t resist sharing this interview with Sheila Keely.

    If anyone has the moves, this woman has the moves. I distinctly remember during the intermediate video in her S-factor series, I was following her instructions and had one of the most pleasurable “me moments” ever. Sometimes I’m surprised at the degree to which we just fall out of communication with our bodies and ourselves.

    There are some smokin’ hot speakers on this year’s WISH lineup and I know your inner tigress will be purring like never before. 😉

    For now, why don’t you tune into this call and then turn on your own S-factor. As Valentine’s Day approaches, falling in love with your own curves and graceful movements is the best gift you could give to yourself (and your lover!)


    You can listen to this interview here:




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    Strength Training Isn’t Just for Bodybuilders

    by Jenn Givler

    strength-training-fitnessWhen you hear “strength training” what does it make you think of? It’s easy to overlook strength training, and feel like we don’t really need it to be healthy. But, the truth is, cardio alone will not help you build a beautiful, strong body.

    The benefits of strength or resistance training include:

    1. Increasing your lean muscle mass actually increases your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories while working out AND while doing nothing. This means its easier to release weight and excess body fat.

    2. Your heart becomes more efficient, which means you’ll have a lower heart rate.

    3. Bone density increases giving you stronger bones and reducing your risk of osteoporosis.

    4. Tendons and ligaments also become stronger reducing your risk of injury.

    5. Strength! You get stronger, you feel better, you feel energized and confident, daily and household tasks become easier.

    Resistance training doesn’t have to be done in a gym, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. To add tone to your muscles, you can use light weights (3 to 5 lbs.) or, your own body resistance.

    Try this simple routine:

    1. Bicep curl and Squat:
    Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms straight down in front of your legs. Grip weights, palms face out.
    Bend at the knees keeping your back straight, as if you’re going to sit in a chair. As you bend at your knees, bend your elbows lifting the weights toward your shoulders. Bend knees about 90 degrees, hands should reach your shoulders. Straighten knees, bring hands back down to starting position. Do 12 to 15 repetitions, 3 sets.

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    Vegetarian Athletes Share: Top Sources for Animal-free Protein

    by Joanna Steven

    When alternatives to the Standard American Diet are discussed, protein is on everyone’s mind. There are many reasons why someone might want to eat a plant based diet, whether for allergy concerns, health reasons, or more variety. But nagging doubts often come up; Are plant proteins adequate for athletes and body builders? Are they really the preferred protein source of the human body? Are they better than animal based protein or are they just consumed for environmental reasons? To answer these questions, why not ask the experts: triathletes, professional dancers, bodybuilders and extreme sport racers? Here are the answers from some of the most competitive athletes in their respective fields.


    Tim4Over the past 3 years, Tim VanOrden has transformed himself from a sedentary couch potato, suffering from severe depression and chronic fatigue, into one of the world’s fittest 40 year old athletes. He did this by adopting a simple raw vegan diet.
    Looking to expand the limits of human possibility, Tim has re-written the record books in some of the world’s most grueling sports. In September of 2008 Tim shocked the world of skyscraper racing by defending his title at the 75 story US Bank Tower Stair Climb in Los Angeles. Not only did he best the two most dominant stair climbers in US history, but he smashed the course record in the process.
    Tim is opening the eyes of athletes around the world to the possibility that a simple, raw, plant-based diet can provide performance and health beyond that which has been previously experienced. In the winter of 2009 The Food Network will for the very first time venture into the world of raw foods, airing a prime time show that follows Tim and his adventures with the Running Raw Project. Read more »

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