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  • 12-Day Countdown to 2012 – Day 2: Set Your Intentions for Fitness

    Set Your Intentions for Fitness12-Day Countdown to 2012 – Day 2:
    Set Your Intentions for Fitness

    – by Tera Warner

    One of the most fabulous things I learned about fitness this year came from Alice Bracegirdle, a dear friend and the founder of BellyFit. She will be presenting at next year’s WISH Summit talking about the importance of getting out of the box of conventional fitness programs, and moving into your softness!


    You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership, lift weights or even do yoga. You can just wake up, turn on the music, then wriggle, jiggle, and let yourself go! Alice is a big part of our Body Enlightenment program and you can get to meet her here and get a taste of what she’s all about!

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    What If Your Workout Could Save Your Life? Special Teleseminar With T-Tapp Founder Teresa Tapp

    T-Tapp Teresa Tapp

    What If Your Workout Could Save Your Life?

    – by Tera Warner

    Join me this Thursday 29th December for a special call with T-Tapp founder Teresa Tapp.  See the bottom of this post for your link to download the call recording.

    Looking at her toned arms and fit figure, you might think Teresa Tapp was the next Jane Fonda–a fitness superstar. But the truth is, she’s more like a naturopathic doctor disguised in a funky fitness outfit.

    We’ve invited Teresa Tapp to be a contributing partner to our New Year’s Green Smoothie Detox, and we thought you might like to know why. Teresa hasn’t just developed another set of ab-crunches and butt-lifting exercises. As you’ll learn below, her primary interest was in discovering a way to help the body heal from cancer and other degenerative conditions–she wasn’t looking to get a six pack, but a clean bill of health!!

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    Green Smoothie Glory Stories: Meet Laura Robson – A Gal With Muscles and A Mission!

    Laura Robson - green smoothie muscle powerGreen Smoothie Glory Stories:
    Meet Laura Robson – A Gal With Muscles and A Mission!

    – by Laura Robson

    I am a Living Foods Chef/Educator and a Personal Trainer who is a transplant American living in Brisbane, Australia.  My “rawsome” life began about 3 years ago after purchasing a Vitamix for Christmas to break the 3 day fast I was on, and I began an addiction to Green Smoothies, consuming an upward of 4 liters per day.

    I can attest to all their amazing benefits and have been on quite a self taught “Living in The Raw” journey since then, especially learning about the nutritional side of a “Green” life versus an animal protein adhered to one.   Read more »

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    Green Your Run: Choose Your Best Green Fuel

    – by Yitka Winn

    healthy jogging tips

    Some people have a natural ability to hop out of bed and enjoy a pleasant morning jog. Let me begin by saying that, though I call myself a runner, I am not one of these people.

    I am a woman with a finicky stomach that’s led me, over time, to resign myself to running solely in the afternoon or evening.

    Conventional running and nutrition wisdom states that the ideal time to eat a pre-run meal is 3-4 hours before exercise. Short of setting an alarm clock to wolf down food in the middle of the night, what’s a tempestuous-tummied runner to do if she wants to knock out some miles before work?

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    Daniel Aaron Inspires the Women of WISH to Stop Sucking in Their Stomachs and Get Over Themselves

    Believe me when I tell you that Bali’s most loved yogi, Daniel Aaron, inspires the women of WISH (in the most loving way possible) to stop worrying about their bodies–to breathe, to move and to embrace complete self-acceptance. To access this call, and all the calls, register for the FREE WISH summit on any of our pages.

    When you look down at the layer of pudge around your gut, when your thick thighs rub and you strut your stuff with that scrumptious dimpled rump,

    How do you feel?

    It’s not about trying to fit into a size 5 skirt or getting your skin to match some anti-aging cosmetic ad. It’s about making a decision to live in alignment with the greatest vision of the grandest life you can possibly imagine. It’s about a commitment to make choices and take actions that support you and your vision.

    When you do that, no dimpled rump or pudgy gut will ever knock you down. And from the sweet space of loving yourself, there will only be  one question to ask yourself.

    How good can it get?

    Way on the other side of the world from where I am, amidst rice paddies and coconut palms, is a man who has committed his life to answering that very question. Daniel Aaron is here with us now all the way from Bali to help you get a taste of what it means to be radiantly alive.

    Here are some of the questions I asked him during this interview Read more »

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