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  • Natural Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Eyes

    eyeIt’s strange, you know. I had an enlightened experience when I realized the importance of eye contact. I was thinking about how important it is to look people in the eyes–how powerful it is.

    Then I realized that the center of the eye, is just a hole, and I thought to myself that if people could just look each other in the eyes, and connect with that dark spot, that “nothingness”, maybe all the other stuff they judge and attach meaning to would just fall away.

    Maybe they could just realize that the black part… that little nothingness is really all there is.

    I’m either highly illuminated, or extremely under-slept. 😉 You decide.

    In the meantime, check out Tracy’s super contribution called:

    The Eyes Are The Windows to The Soul

    I’ve been thinking a lot about our eyes and how we show so much emotion through them. You know, there are some days when I wake up and I look in the mirror and I am just shocked that whatever I had on my mind before I went to bed, still shows up in my eyes the next day.

    I thought it was only fitting that I talk about how to care for our eyes today, since the skin underneath them is pretty fragile and has less oil glands than other areas of our face and body.

    As we get older, the skin under the eyes becomes more delicate and how we take care of them has an effect on our emotional well being.

    Here are a few simple ideas to keep our eyes looking healthy and full of life:

    water• Hydrate your body and drink good clean water, now is a great time to check out the Divas Water Ionizers. When a person is dehydrated the body starts storing water as a defense system and this will add to puffiness around the eyes.

    • Buy a great pair of sunglasses to reduce the amount of squinting when out in the sun. A good quality pair of glasses should have enough protection to block out UVA and UVB rays.

    • Quit smoking. Smoking cause’s vascular (blood vessel) problems that can not only threaten your life, but also make your blood vessels appear more prominent and bluer beneath the skin, causing dark circles.

    • Cut down on the amount of salt in your diet. It could add to water retention and puffiness

    enjoyment• Balance the stress in your life with something that brings you pleasure

    • If you have allergies, look for natural, herbal, or alternative treatments that may possess the same long lasting effect that over the counter products provide.

    • Get a restful night sleep, and if possible sleep with your head slightly raised. Add an extra pillow or prop up the head of your mattress. This helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep to prevent puffiness.

    • Eat a healthy balanced diet loaded with fruits and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, which offer major benefits to your entire body, including your brain, your bones and your heart, while helping to prevent cancer, detoxify your body, boost your immune system and give you more energy.

    Diva Beauty Tips:

    • Grind a raw potato and add almond paste to it. Use the mixture regularly on the under-eyes to minimize dark circles and puffiness.

    • Cut a fresh fig in half, place a half over each eye, flesh side down , leave on for 15 minutes to minimize dark circles

    • Soak cotton pads in cold milk and place over closed eyes for five to ten minutes to reduce puffiness or swollen eyes.

    cucumber• Apply crushed mint leaves in cheese cloth around eyes for five to ten minutes to minimize dark circles

    • Steep two herbal tea (chamomile (if allergic to chamomile or ragweed use, black or green tea),( rosehip), bags for about 2 minutes, chill the tea bags and use them as a compress to reduce puffiness and drink the tea to relax and unwind.

    • Place 2 thinly sliced, chilled cucumbers on each eye and relax for 15 minutes to minimize puffiness


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