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  • Proper Exfoliation and Facial Masks: Healthy Skin Habits for Beauty at the Cellular Level

    natural skin care Nadine ArtemisProper Exfoliation and Facial Masks: Healthy Skin Habits for Beauty at the Cellular Level

    – by Nadine Artemis

    The following is an excerpt from a conversation that I had with Nadine Artemis about natural, head-to-toe beauty. In this excerpt she talks to us about the kinds of treatments people use on their skin and how often they should be doing it. She’s got loads of fabulous tips for beauty on a budget! Nadine will be joining us for a LIVE teleseminar on March 17th as part of the WISH Summit. Please sign up here to make sure you’re able to access this call.

    Exfoliating scrubs and skin treatments are the kind of thing you can do once or twice a week.  They’re a real treat for the body.  It always feels good to use uplifting essences such as peppermint.  Honey also has is excellent for exfoliating the face. Also, try using things like natural alpha hydroxy acids, which can be found in fruit, like papaya or strawberries. These are the types of ingredients that will be brilliant for making your own products at home.

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    Exfoliating was Never So Tasty! Organic Home Recipes that Reveal Beautiful, Kissable Skin!

    – by Louise Forrest

    There are a great number of exfoliates in many of the foods you eat. These can be canned or preserved, but they lose potency through the processes, much like they lose nutrients. By making the following recipes to enhance your organic skin care, you are adding the freshest possible exfoliates to your routine, which will give your skin an incredible look and feel. Remember to buy only organic ingredients for these recipes because you do not need your skin absorbing toxins from chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. That defeats the purpose! Read more »

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    Green Smoothie Valentine – Day 2 – The Bewitching Potion

    How does the saying go?  Cleanliness is next to goddess-liness?  With loving tips to care for the beauty that is yours outside and in, we continue to pamper you on your green way to Valentine’s Day.

    – by Kate Nicholson

    Start the day with a scrub in the shower. Mix a handful of salt with some sweet almond oil and use in circular motions over the body to exfoliate and leave your skin glowing and smooth. (Don’t use on your face though – too harsh). You can add a couple of drops of lavender (skin rejuvenating) or rose oil for extra lusciousness. (Rose is reputed to attract love).

    Smile at yourself in the mirror before you leave the bathroom and blow yourself a kiss! You look fabulous!

    Walk tall and smile at everyone you meet today.

    Day 2.

    Give yourself the glow of health and energy…

    The Bewitching Potion


    • Kale, stripped from stem
    • Punnet of blueberries (that’s a charming word for “wee basket” in case you were wondering)
    • 1 tsp cacao powder


    Blend with water to desired consistency.  Feel yourself radiating health and happiness and others are going to notice!

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