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  • Happy Holidays, Love and Gratitude to The Team!

    Happy Holidays, Love and Gratitude to The Team!

    – by Rachelle Fordyce & The Tera Warner Team!

    As I’m sure you’re already aware, you’re currently reading the Tera Warner blog at TeraWarner.com, and you may already know a lot about Tera, the frisky fiery red head urging you to embrace green smoothies and slurp lawn mower pulp! 😉

    (If you’re not already in the know, you can read more about Tera HERE!)

    But are you also aware that TeraWarner.com isn’t run by Tera alone? She has some really awesome, amazing and astounding people on her team!

    It being the season of love, giving and gratitude, we thought we’d take the time to share some appreciation and gratitude for the amazing rockstars on Team Tera Warner, by introducing to you some of the key people behinds the scenes! (The picture above shows Tera with team members Danielle, Rachelle and Tiffany — you can learn more about us below!)

    And, if you’re doing some last minute holiday shopping for that special raw foodie in your life, we’ve each given you a one or two ideas for raw kitchen items! These are items we already use and love, or items on our wishlists to make raw food preparation a little more fancier and easier! Ah, to be a raw gourmet!

    Get ready to meet the ‘secret sauce’ of TeraWarner.com!

    Happy Holidays, team! You’re all amazing, and this site wouldn’t be what it is without you!

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    Get Movin’ With Green Smoothies

    – by Doll Creelman

    get moving with green smoothiesGreen Smoothies Saved the Day!

    I woke up this morning with the news that our dear pick-up truck driving friend whom we thought was going to be available on Friday to help us move is not… but is here today instead!

    Boy did I jump at that news.

    We’ve been working on this move for the last 2 weeks but even bumping it up a day made  for a scramble.

    How was I to manage?  I had neglected to prepare for my day last night.  No
    quick and easy food to be found and I needed energy.

    Green smoothies to the rescue!  Here’s what got my motor running today. Read more »

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    Full Moon, High Tide, PMS and Green Smoothies!

    – by Doll Creelman

    moon and mood - solutions to feeling betterAs the northern hemisphere is reaching for the full moon, my body is playing tricks on me!

    I’m craving chocolate and salt; ice cream and pastries.  Now, I’m not totally raw in my dietary choices, but I do manage to create a green smoothie most days.

    Add to this the high tides (which are pulled by the moon of course) and the pre-menopausal PMS that has made its home inside of me for a while, then you might just say…

    I’m facing a crisis!

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    From Doll’s Kitchen. . .

    natasha-kyssa green smoothiesI had a nice chat this afternoon with a great Raw Food advocate, Natasha Kyssa and one thing we talked about was how important greens are in our diets. Although I’m doing very well keeping my food plan clean I realize that I’m still not adding enough green smoothies to my daily routine. I really believe that I need to fix this.

    I love checking in on the Green Smoothie Blog to see the recipes and fun ideas people share. I have the same smoothie over and over again: bananas, spinach and celery. Don’t get me wrong. I really do love my green smoothies like this. They are tasty and in a quirky way becoming familiar to me. Not quite comfort food but I think they’re coming close.

    I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone today and make something completely new and different for me. So for something new and exciting I give you :

    greensmoothieTropical Tune-up and Relaxer

    • Fruit of one ripe mango
    • Big chunk of fresh pineapple
    • Coconut – as much as you’d like
    • Very small bit of fresh ginger

    Blend together adding enough water to make a nice blend.

    To this add:

    Greens – fill the blender (I’m using Romaine since I don’t want to play with the flavors too much!)

    Blend again. Taste.

    Add whatever to make it taste and feel like a tropical breeze.

    For an added bite add a pinch of cayenne.

    Serve with a spike of pineapple and a cutesy umbrella! Close your eyes and imagine you’re hearing the surf.


    Do you feel relaxed? Add some great Beach Boys surfin’ music and you’re there.

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    Green Smoothie Fun!!

    How much fun can you have sharing green smoothies with your friends? Tons!! As part of a Green Smoothie Challenge I had a Green Smoothie Party at my house. I planned sweet and savory smoothies; decorated the house with greenery and offered token gifts and prizes…all green of course. LOL Three of my closest friends joined me in a feast of the senses and had a great time learning about tastes, nutrition and different smoothie combinations.

    Here’s a small video from that evening:

    Definitely not material for an Oscar award but I will never forget the fun we had!

    I’ll share my current favorite smoothie recipe with you:

    Watermelon Bliss

    • as much cold watermelon as you can stuff into the blender
    • handful of fresh mint (I’ve been using chocolate mint from my herb garden)
    • ice to make it really chill and frothy

    Sip slowly as this truly cold, refreshing drink can rush to your head. Enjoy the sweet taste of summer!

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