Brian Johnson Helps the Women of WISH Get Their Attention off the Bling and Back on Their Bliss

When you think of a philosopher, the image of a long, white beard, dusty books and big words may come to mind. But in a day and age of 140 character attention spans, wisdom's got to come in a catchier package for most of us to "get it." That's why Brian Johnson dishes up the … [Read more...]

The Spirit of WISH: Women’s International Summit for Health

YOU are not your body. It has been so valuable to get your feedback. Thank you! It's AMAZING to see how each person has such different reactions to the calls. What puts one woman to sleep lights the other on fire. Fascinating and FUN! I'm so glad we put it all out … [Read more...]

(90-Day Detox) Day 41: Saturday, Sunshine and a Sleepy Diva

What a day! It started with a run, then a session of hot yoga and a nice morning walk with the kids. Then some procrastinating and playing about until the afternoon found me sunning myself on a bench in the park while the kids played. It was HOT! It felt like summer was … [Read more...]

(90-Day Detox) Day 40: It’s Your Turn.

Okay, Ladies and Lovebirds. It's Friday. Did you check out this week's issues of Health In High Heels, yet? Shayla did SUCH a rockin' job helping me out with that again. I loooove it. :-) Tonight is my call with Brian Johnson. I've already had a nap and am rarin' to go … [Read more...]