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  • Green Smoothies Recipes for His and Her Happy Brain Chemistry

    – by Carol Jensen

    male female brain chemistry - green smoothies

    Have you ever wondered why men tend to love steaks and women fall for baked goods? Or why a woman will choose a salad when her male counterpart wants a hearty cooked meal? And why are green smoothies the best dietary solution for both sexes?

    The answer lies in our brainsRead more »

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    How Rainbows Can Help You Achieve Balance and Feel Beautiful

    ~ by Carol Jensen

    raw food rainbow

    “Eating Green” is a fundamental part of living vibrantly. Yet there are other aspects to vigorous health that should not be neglected either.

    It’s easy to keep life in balance and juggle the many aspects of a healthy lifestyle if we just remember the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. (ROY G. BIV as a memory cue.)  Here’s how a simple trick of visualizing symbolic colors can help you feel beautiful about your lifestyle choices. Read more »

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    Don’t Turn Down Those Turnip Greens!

    – by Maureen Lauder

    This just in:  Turnip greens might be the king of greens.  It would take a lot to end my love affair with kale, but I just got a load of the nutritional info on turnip greens and hoo boy!

    Here’s why they look so good: Read more »

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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Spinach at All Ages and Stages!

    – by Zannie Rose

    spinach - healthy for all ages

    One of my early food  memories is helping my grandmother in her kitchen by popping pea pods and collecting the peas in her colander. At home, we had boiled carrots and tinned peas, at school we had over cooked cabbage  and at my auntie’s I discovered the more exotic kidney bean.

    Nowhere did spinach feature on the menu. The closest I got to spinach was watching Popeye. Even when I lived in  a vegetarian household in my 20’s where we shared an evening meal, spinach never appeared. With all its health benefits, it is a wonder I got this far in life without major problems due to insufficient consumption in the first half of my life! Read more »

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