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  • How to Feel Beautiful After Baby

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    Feeling Beautiful After Baby

    by Ashley Knight

    Today it is difficult being a woman. Images of the “perfect” body bombard our media resources.  If you don’t get it on the TV you get it at the checkout line in the grocery store. As if having a baby isn’t hard enough you then have to deal with images everywhere of those “perfect” bodies looking “perfect” just after having a baby.  Are they airbrushed? Do they eat? And the biggest question is, why can’t I look like that?! Read more »

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    WISH Summit Guest Amber Krzys on Pimples & Personal Development

    pondering at the kitchen sink

    WISH Summit Guest Amber Krzys on Pimples & Personal Development

    by Amber Krzys

    Ok, today’s post is for anyone who’s ever thought, “This again? I thought I resolved that. Healed that. Was done with that.”

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean situations like this:

    • I thought I was over that guy / breakup.
    • I really thought I healed my issues with my body.
    • Wow. I can’t believe all my stuff around my dad is coming up again.

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    The 5 Secrets of Women Who Love Their Bodies

    The 5 Secrets of Body-Loving Women

    by Jamie Dougherty

    You’ve done the healthy diets, followed expert advice and are all about organics.  And though you are a consummate kale consumer you still struggle with thinking, “My belly is going to pay for that bar of raw chocolate”, “You call that fit?”, and “There’s no way he’ll be into me without thin thighs and a flat stomach.”  Isn’t it amazing what we tell ourselves? No wonder kale hasn’t fixed it all!

    Here’s the inside scoop.  Each body-loving woman knows there are TWO parts to bringing the body love full on.  With today’s plethora of health information, it’s easy to believe green smoothies are the best source for body love.  And though greens are great, it leaves out a significant piece of the body puzzle.  To fully integrate into body-loving bliss you’ve got to change the way you think along with the way you eat and drink.

    Here are the 5 secrets to make you a fully-fledged, body-loving woman.  Keep these close to your heart and nothing is beyond your grasp.  Honest.

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    So Sexy So Soon: A Commentary on the Sexualization of Children by Jean Kilbourne

    Sexy So Soon: A Commentary on The Sexualization of Children

    So Sexy So Soon: A Commentary on the Sexualization of Children by Jean Kilbourne

    by Jean Kilbourne

    Thong panties and padded bras for seven-year-old girls are sold these days at major department stores. Tiny pink high-heeled shoes are advertised for babies. Risqué Halloween costumes for children (such as “Pimp Daddy” and “Child Ho”) fly off the shelves. T-shirts for toddler boys proclaim “Chick Magnet” and “Pimp Squad.” Little girls go to makeover parties and spas, and teenagers are encouraged to dress and behave like strippers and porn stars. F.C.U.K. is the name of an international clothing chain popular with young people.

    Some of the cover stories for recent issues of magazines popular with young teenage girls include “15 Ways Sex Makes You Prettier” and “A Shocking Thing 68% of Chicks Do in Bed.” “Grand Theft Auto,” a video game especially popular with teenage boys, allows the gamer to have sex with a prostitute in a stolen car and then murder her. The latest version sold six million copies in its first week and grossed five hundred million dollars.1

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    Excavate Your Memories and Release Your Limiting Beliefs with EFT

    EFT for Health, Wellness, and Confidence

    Excavate Memories and Release Limiting Beliefs With EFT

    by Tera Warner and Rebecca Johnson

    Having had the opportunity to interview Carol Look on multiple occasions about EFT on the topics of weight loss, limiting beliefs and abundance, I have come to be convinced of it’s efficacy. While I may appear to be a flower-eating “hippie,” my need for scientific, quantifiable proof that something works is higher than you might expect.

    My experience with EFT satisfies this need for me.

    Until recently, my only dip in the EFT ocean was through these interviews with Carol, but having had an EFT practitioner as a roommate for 3 months, I was blessed with several opportunities to take it deeper–to address my own personal issues in a specific and targeted way and the results have been rather Earth-shaking.

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