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    Announcing the Raw Kitchen Organization Competition Finalists

    Announcing the Raw Kitchen Organization Competition Finalists

    – by The Tera Warner Team

    If you’ve been following the Tera Warner blog for the past month or more, then you’ve probably noticed that lately we’ve been posting a lot of articles listing tips on how to organize your raw kitchen. You might also already be in the know that these posts have been submitted from readers like you, as part of a raw kitchen organization contest that we started — and the 1st place winner gets the grand prize of a brand spankin’ new Blendtec Blender Wildside!

    We were originally going to choose a winner on our own, but it was so tough deciding… there were SO many awesome kitchen tips and articles submitted, not to mention a whole lotta lovely pictures, too.  Sooo, to figure out how to choose the winner, we decided we’d select the top 3 articles and then turn it over to you, the readers, to vote on who the winner of the bad-ass Blendtec should be.

    But you know what? Even cutting it down to just 3 finalists is really damn hard! Seriously! …You have no idea!

    After soooo much debating, considering, humming and hawing, we’ve cut it down to 4 finalists instead of 3. There’s even more… I’d personally so LOVE to include in this final round of voting, but alas — we’ve gotta draw the line somewhere!

    And so, in no particular order, the top finalists of the raw kitchen organization competition are…

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