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  • Special Mother’s Day Raw Food Recipe: Berry Crazy Crepes

    Raw Food Recipe: Crazy Berry Crepes

    Raw Food Recipe: Berry Crazy Crepes

    – from Real Life Raw: Kids in the Kitchen, by Chef Tina Joe

    Treat Mom to a sweet and decadent raw breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day! These crepes are easy for Dad, fun for the kids, and a delicious healthy breakfast for the whole family! You can make them the night before and just warm and serve in the morning!

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    3 Natural, Raw Food Strategies for Minimizing Seasonal Allergies!

    – by Doctor Ariel Policano

    seasonal allergies natural and raw food treatments

    Ah…. the glories of spring!  The budding of the trees, the singing of the birds,  the blooming of flowers, and,  if you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, the toting around of a personal pharmacy stocked with pill bottles, nasal sprays, and tissue boxes.

    If you prefer natural health alternatives, or if the idea of  “pollen” and “pills” just doesn’t mix, today we have three recommended natural strategies from Doctor Ariel Policano for coping with your sniffling season allergies: Read more »

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    Strawberry picking.

    Yesterday was deliciously sunny, and so I decided to take a bit of time away from my computer and went Strawberry picking with a friend of mine. (Merci, David!) It was wonderful just being barefoot amidst the berry patches. I loved it.

    The field was full of happy berry-pickers and speckled with daisies.

    Today I bought a beautiful papaya and made one of my favorite smoothies:

    Papaya (a whole one)
    A bunch of strawberries
    2 frozen bananas
    and loads of dark, green Romaine Lettuce leaves.

    I didn’t add any water because the papaya made the mix quite juicy. Anyway, it was a wonderfully thick and creamy. I shared with with my roommate! Yum.

    I had been aching for a big, green smoothie and it felt good.

    It’s late, so I’m off to bed…

    Good night. oxox

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