BiG Green Smoothie Ripple Makers: Andrea Sinclair

- by Stacey Terry During our Believe in Green event, we challenged our participants to go out and make a difference in their own communities and spread the word about green smoothies to the most number of people!  The entire purpose of The Green Smoothie Queen is to spread the … [Read more...]

BiG 2010 Green Smoothie Story Contest – Our Winner!


by Stacey Terry Today I'll share some of the great stories that came in for Believe in Green.  We asked our contest participants to tell us how green smoothies had made a difference in their lives.  Stories came from far and wide! It's easy to make choices that will … [Read more...]

BiG 2010 Green Smoothie Smiles Contest – Our Winner!


- by Stacey Terry Personal pledges!  Amazing contributions!  Inspiring speeches!  Tears and testimonials!  AND... a BiG BiG BiG objective ACHIEVED! If you participated in the Believe in Green 2010 Challenge then THANK YOU for helping us create an event that touched soooo … [Read more...]