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  • Are You Interested in Creating Healthy Children?

    by Fiona Hollis

    creatinghealthychildren“I made the mistake of putting off reading this book because my children are all grown and on their own.

    What could possibly hold any interest for me in a book about raising healthy children? If I’m going to take the time to read an entire book, I like it to be applicable and relevant.

    Let’s repeat the cliché- “Never judge a book by its cover!”

    Karen Ranzi’s book marries the two most important foundations for creating healthy children: fresh living foods and attachment parenting, a term originally used by pediatrician William Sears in describing a more natural and intuitive parenting philosophy than most people in this day and age practice.

    Attachment parenting sheds light on the truths about raising and truly ‘nurturing’ children from the heart and not the head. I loved reading about the mothers, and fathers returning to the practice of following their parenting instincts and each child’s individual needs for the mutual benefit of all, and not following whatever current popular parenting trend comes along.

    From the first few pages, I was thoroughly engrossed. Karen’s writing style is very easy to read, yet highly informative. This book was seven years in the making and it shows. The research is impeccable and covers the entire spectrum of parenting healthy children from pre-conception, to pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. It also includes information on vaccinations, circumcision, exercise, education of children, obtaining sufficient nutrition from plant foods at every stage of a child’s life, transitioning older kids to a healthy diet focused on fresh, unprocessed foods, meeting emotional needs, and would you believe there’s more? Read more »

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    3 Deficiencies You Can Develop on the Raw Food Diet (Two of Them Will Surprise You!)

    by Dr. Ariel Policano

    So, you are loving the raw diet, right?

    You’ve lost weight, you have more energy, and a positively juicy new outlook on life. Fantastic!  A raw vegan diet is filled with nutrition, vital force, enzymes and is free of nasty preservatives and chemicals.  It is truly amazing.

    Still, even on a raw or high raw diet, it is good to have a health “check-in” from time to time. The fact is there are actually a few deficiencies that could develop on a raw, vegan diet if you aren’t aware of them.  They can develop if you are not meticulous about having diversity and perfect balance. And really, who is?

    Here are 3 markers I feel are crucial to keep your eye on. This way, you can be sure you are staying healthy in every way on your raw vegan diet.

    1) Ferritin (your iron stores).

    2) B12 Levels, measured as methylmalonic acid (MMA).

    3) Cholesterol (wait to be surprised here!).

    1) Ferritin.

    It is important to keep your levels of iron healthy.  Of course, iron allows the transport of oxygen to your cells via the blood.  Low iron levels are commonly referred to as anemia.  One of the most common signs of iron deficiency anemia is Read more »

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    B12 – Where Do You Get Yours?

    by Fiona Hollis


    Are you unsure about B12?

    There’s a lot of talk about it – and I think we have all feared whether we are getting enough at various points of our raw food journey.

    We created a wisdom nugget with some suggestions, and had some great feed back from YOU.

    Here’s a few things to consider…

    Reasons to Supplement a Raw Vegan diet with B12

    – Modern soils, due to intensive and unsustainable agricultural practices, are depleted of nutrients, and it is thought that vitamin B12 is now largely absent from most soils. Rawmom Joanna Steven

    – Animals in the wild, herbivore, omnivore or carnivore, eat bugs along with their greens. Our produce is very clean, and I am not about to start adding the tiny spiders living on my backyard garden greens to my smoothies! Rawmom Joanna Steven

    – While our gut does produce some vitamin B12, Dr Gabriel Cousens explained that it happens in an area of the gut that is too low to be reabsorbed, and this B12 production does not have an impact on our B12 levels. Rawmom Joanna Steven

    Use B12 patches – B12 is absorbed better through the skin vs orally. Dr.Ritamarie

    Can we Thrive Without Supplements?

    Emma writes:

    Here in Europe (as well as in Australia and New Zealand) vegetarians and vegans can get their B12 and other B vitamins, such as folic acid, from yeast extract products. The most common one in the UK is Marmite but the German company Essential makes a much more tasty (if expensive) organic yeast extract.

    I was away traveling for the three months before I became pregnant and so dutifully took my folic acid tablets every day but once I had returned home my body inexplicably started refusing to take them, which at the time I felt guilty about. I since found out that I have been getting plenty of folic acid from my morning toast with yeast extract and my body was cleverly telling me I didn’t need to take the extras any more.

    Raw health expert Dr Flora writes:

    I’ve never been deficient. Never known anyone to be. I eat seaweed which is rich in B-12. I don’t take antibiotics, which would kill my Bs, including B12. I also eat homemade sauerkraut, which is rich in B complex and B12. I lick my fingers! (hygiene? I have to lick my fingers when I scrape out my blender after making almond cream with figs in it! And, that apparently helps keep the minimum up. I drink fresh coconut water, rich in bifidus, which keeps everything high. Don’t mess with deficiencies. Get a blood test to find out where you are. There are so many types of supplements, but they are all not needed if you have sufficient. Test twice.

    In her book Creating Healthy Children, Karen Ranzi dedicates a chapter to the issue of B12.

    Jinjee and Storm (www.thegardendiet.com) have raised a healthy family on a non supplemented raw diet – and have been living it for over 30 years. Jinjee claims celery juice is a nerve-cell re-builder, so understanding food as thy medicine opens a whole new dimension to raw food as a provider and a healer.

    Karen Dolan wrote in with this really great  information on celery juice:

    Celery juice is highly nutritious and very hydrating. Because it is incredibly alkalizing, it equalizes the body’s PH, which is essential for good health. All parts of celery are packed with minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Celery leaves are high in vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and dense in potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids.

    This super food also contains important concentrations of plant hormones and healing essential oils that give celery its characteristic smell. These oils help to regulate the nervous system, and are very calming.

    It helps calm the nervous system but does not help with many other things that you need B12 for.

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    Raw Dinner Party & Sweet Potato/Apple Juice Recipe

    “Good job, Raw-Vegan Chef,” my husband said to me as he left for work this morning. He was referring to the all-raw dinner party I hosted last night in honor of his parents and two dear friends of ours.

    What was on the menu?

    Zucchini pasta with tomato sauce, kale/avocado/tomato salad, green salad including romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and grapes (my son’s favorite), pear cobbler, and papaya/banana pudding topped with walnuts.

    We had kicked off the cold evening around the cozy fireplace, chatting and reading a few poems from the 2008 Edition of Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans; one of my son’s poems (from 6th grade) is published in that wonderful book of children’s poetry.

    We ended our evening with a round of Green Smoothies!

    Before our dinner guests relocated to the dining room table for the main meal and dessert, I said “here’s to your health” as I passed out samples of sweet potato/ apple juice with a little cinnamon sprinkled in. I had never thought to juice a sweet potato until I saw Shannon Leone with one in her hand on her video that was recently on Toronto’s W Network website.

    Since then, I’ve begun making it for myself and for a customer who supports my new “Bottling Health” business. That website — www.bottlinghealth.com — is coming soon.

    Sweet Potato/Apple Juice

    Juice a large sweet potato and about two apples. Sprinkle with cinnamon and stir. Enjoy!

    (Of course, for a larger juice, you may want to juice a couple of sweet potatoes and either two or three apples. Simply adjust to your needs.)

    Well, off I go……. My husband has just called from work asking if I would e-mail some pictures of last night’s get-together to him; he wants to share the evening with some co-workers. Yay…another opportunity to spread the wealth about Raw-Vegan living! Maybe I’ll also land some new Bottling Health customers in the process! 😉

    In Sweet Potato Health!

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