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  • How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body in 90 Seconds- Part One

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    How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body in 90 Seconds- Part One

    by Pete Cerqua

    Tired of countless sets and reps? Short of time to get the workout your body needs? How about working your body in 90 second increments! With this get-lean routine you’ll do each move only once, which will leave you twice as much time to enjoy your sleek new physique!  Read more »

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    8 Simple Exercises = Beautiful, Shapely Arms

    by Jenn Givler

    Sexy female backOne of the problem areas I hear most about is arms. We hate it when the back of our arm jiggles when we wave. We can’t stand the fact that we don’t have toned shoulders for those sexy sleeveless fashions. And, I always hear women saying that they “have no upper body strength.

    No more ladies! Time to get those arms toned, lovely and strong.

    Here are two routines you can alternate throughout your week to help give your arms definition:

    Routine 1

    • Bicep Curls

      – Hold light weights in your hands. Arms in front of you, palms face out. Bend your elbow and lift the weights up to your shoulder (don’t touch your shoulder though). Lift for a slow count of 4, and then lower for a slow count of 4. Do 12 reps – if you can easily get through 12 reps, try increasing the weight.

    • Hammer Curls

      – Hold your weights in your hands, arms in front of you, palms face in toward each other. Again, bend your elbow and lift your weights to your shoulders without touching your shoulders. Lift for a slow count of 4 and release for a slow count of 4. Do 12 repetitions of these also.

    • Hammer Curl Combo

      – Hold your weights, arms straight palms face out. Bend your elbow and curl up for a count of 2. At the top of the movement, flip the weights so your palms face toward each other and hammer on the way down. Do 10 reps, and then switch so you’re doing a hammer curl on the way up and a bicep curl on the way down.

    • Push-Press

      – Hold your weights at your sides, palms face out. Lift your arms straight up until they are even with your shoulders. At the top, flip your palms so they face down, and press your arms back to your sides. Do 12 slow repetitions. Count 4 on the way up and 4 on the way down.

    • Slow Jab

      – Hold your weights in front of you, arms bent so your elbows are close to your rib cage, and your hands are in front of your shoulders (in kickboxing, this is known as the fighter stance). Slowly punch your right hand out, twisting your arm on the way out so that your palm ends up facing down. Twist and pull your hand back into fighter stance. Repeat on the left. Do 20 of these nice and slow – don’t lock your elbow. Always keep a slight bend in that elbow.

    Routine 2

    • Push-ups

      – You can do push-ups on your knees or with straight legs. You will be absolutely amazed at how quickly you will build upper body strength if you stay with push-ups for a few weeks. Do 2 sets of 10 reps. Make sure you stretch in between sets.

    • Tricep Dips

      – Sitting on a chair, put your hands behind you on the edge of the chair and lift yourself off in a seated position just beyond the front of the chair. Lower down, and press up to straight arms. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

    • Bent Row

      – Stand feet shoulder width apart. Hold weights in front of you, hands in front of your quads, palms face the back. Bend your knees to about 45 degrees and stay in this semi-squat position for the entire set. Reach hands out to your knees. Keeping your shoulders down, bend your elbows so your hands come back toward your waist. Do 10 repetitions, stand up and rest for 30 seconds, and then do 10 more repetitions.

    Alternating these two routines throughout your week will give you a great upper body strength training workout. These exercises not only work your arms, but they work your back and shoulders as well. If you don’t have weights, grab soup cans or water bottles for added resistance.

    **Jenn Givler is a fitness and wellness coach. She helps busy women break their fitness hiatus, and shows them how to fit fitness into a busy schedule. You don’t have to be a fitness buff, or live at the gym to feel healthy, fit and strong. Check out Jenn’s web site for exercise ideas, recipes, and insight: JGivlerFitness.com

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    Forever In My Heart!

    This week, my daddy’s obituary popped up in front of me when I least expected. It appeared at the time my mom was visiting, so I ran to the room she was in and shared it with her once again. She was as delighted as I was to revisit the words about the essence of my dad. What a divine being he physically was and still is in his spiritual realm!

    My dad’s physical life concluded on June 15, 1996; he would have been celebrating his 69th birthday on June 28 this year — the same day my mom came to visit us from Bermuda! As far as age goes, my dad “moved on” pretty early, but he certainly made his mark here on Earth before he left.

    A few of the things documented in my dad’s obituary that highlight his genuine character are:

    “…Ainsey was a ‘people person’ who tried very hard not to offend anyone. With his non-threatening disciplinary style, his love of conversation and debate, and his wonderful sense of humour, many young people who came in contact with him enjoyed his company and looked up to him as a role model…”

    “…Mathematics and Technical Drawing were his favorite subjects during his school days…………….His children fondly recall the ease with which he assisted them with their math homework…”

    “…Ainsey’s enigmatic personality attracted people from all ages and all walks of life. He was often referred to as a ‘philosopher,’ because he was wise beyond his years and had a great zest for knowledge….”

    “…Ainsworth loved to cook and entertain. He said it helped him to relax after a hard day’s work. He was often found in the kitchen experimenting with various dishes. His home was likened to “The house of Abraham” by the Archbishop of his church because anyone was welcome there and made to feel at home with good food, plenty laughter and great conversation…”

    “…His mother-in-law brags that in her 40-year relationship with her son-in-law, not once did they exchange a cross word…”

    “…These past two years (during his illness) gave Ainsey the opportunity to create a legacy of love; in that he rekindled friendships, gained new friends and brought an already close-knit family even closer…”

    “…On Saturday, June 15, 1996, with his wife at his bedside reading Psalm 112, Ainsworth peacefully closed his eyes and moved on to a better place…”

    You know, I often stand in awe of how blessed my life has been having been raised and guided by the well-known and beloved Ainsworth Norwood Burgess — lovingly known as “Kebede” (an Ethiopian name that means “Powerful”). Memories of my dad make my heart smile and smile and smile!

    Thank you, Daddy, for giving me the gift of your presence and parenting. Thank you with every fiber of my being for the love you showered me with and the worthwhile lessons you took time to teach me. I know a big reason why I love myself and others so much is a direct result of the unconditional LOVE that oozed out of you and Momma — a wonderful parenting team!

    Thank you God for my parents! My life feels incredibly richly blessed because of them!

    By the way, I’m pretty sure my love of greens all started with my dad — what an advocate of eating greens he was! As I ate some broccoli last night, I said to my mom, “Remember when Daddy used to say, ‘Eat your trees’ — referring to broccoli.” :-) And, in college, when I made sure to eat my green peas and such, a friend often commented of how proud my parents would be to know I was on my own yet still eating my greens. :-) Years later, I’m still eating those greens……..

    Thanks for the Green Love, Daddy! :-)

    Big Green Hugs,


    P.S. Picture above: My parents and I on my wedding day — June 6, 1992.

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