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  • Time to Crackdown on “Natural” Cosmetics

    BE You Authentic Beauty Kit

    Time to Crackdown on “Natural” Cosmetics

    by Tera Warner

    You’re busy, and cosmetic companies know it!

    That’s why they put big, pretty pictures to grab your attention, then long lists of incomprehensible ingredients with the hope you won’t haveever ask what those words  inside them, or where they came from.

    So I did it for you! :-)

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    Your Spiritual Awakening at the Church of Jiggle!

    How Life Swallowed & Spit Out Your Self-Confidence (And How to Get It Back!)

    by Tera Warner

    Remember how it used to be?

    In the early years, you had the world by the ovaries!

    You had colorful dreams, big, bright ideas and you reached for them and preached them from the pulpit of your dirty sneakers.

    You danced when the music came on! You didn’t worry about how it looked or if you did it the “right” way! When you wanted to get somewhere, you ran. Not because you were afraid you didn’t have time—because you were excited to get to where you were going.

    You stumbled and fell and scraped your knees, but that didn’t matter. You were too interested in butterflies and mud pies and monkey bars! In those days, you dragged the world behind you on the frill of your skirt and it felt fantastic!

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    What I Said to My Wallowing Friend When She Came Looking For Attention

    Tera Warner body enlightenment

    What I Said to My Wallowing Friend When She Came Looking For Attention

    by Tera Warner

    I have a pretty amazing life. Incredibly courageous women from around the world, rock up to my electronic office with their heart on their sleeves looking for a little support, a nudge in the right direction and some guidance. They don’t come to me for my string of qualifications or framed certificates on the wall. They come to me, I believe, because they know I’m going to serve it to them straight up, no sympathy on the side. They come to me because they want the truth, and they know I’m not afraid to say it. 😉

    Change isn’t comfortable, but it’s a lot more comfortable than watching life seep out of you slowly while you sit in a daze gazing at other people who live their lives through their Facebook status!! In the face of a constant barrage of incoming media messages (some 3000 a day), the only way any woman is going to rise up to a life that inspires her and feels worth living, if is she learns how to bite back at Life sometimes. Read more »

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    It’s My Birthday! I’ve Got a Big Announcement!

    I love summer! I love the sun, green, flowers, bees and trees in full bloom. I love heat on my skin, wind in my hair and I especially love summer because it’s…


    August 28th is the day little ol’ me made her entrance into the world. (Big thanks to my Mom for her hard work on this day. I have the best Mom ever and am so, so grateful for her bringing me into and up in the world! I love you, Mom!)

    When you look in the history books, the coolest thing that ever happened on August 28th (besides the day a meteor fell on Devil’s Island in 1925) is that Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream!” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

    And so… in honor of birthdays and big dreams, I thought it appropriate to make a special announcement!

    I Have a Dream! A BIG Dream!

    It’s been about 12 years since I stood in my kitchen with my father when he spoke the words that changed my life forever. I was working on a business plan for an aromatherapy project at the time. My Dad was reading over the business plan when he looked up at me with a crinkle in his brow and asked suspiciously, “Tera, what did Mary Kay sell?”

    “Cosmetics!” I blurted.

    “No,” he beamed with pride (clearly I had answered as he hoped I would!) “She sold something to belong to and something to believe in.

    Most people are familiar with the beauty empire created by Mary Kay Ash. She touched millions of lives and made billions of dollars empowering women. She improved their confidence with a cosmetic makeover, then showed them a way to turn their new found confidence into a successful career!

    Unfortunately, Mary Kay left our world before she got the chance to be informed about the dangers of phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, benzophenones, homosalates and ethoxycinnmates lurking in beauty care products, and the harmful effects these have on women’s health!

    The old cosmetic-based self-confidence boost doesn’t work anymore. It’s not sustainable for women’s overall health. The world needs a new model for empowering women—one that addresses a woman’s confidence by looking at her health, personal care habits, relationships, courage to communicate, her passion and authenticity in life!

    Introducing… “Operation Move Over Mary Kay”

    As a Western woman, you have been sold so many things you do not need, that did not help, chances are very good you overeat, overspend, overthink, overdecorate and overcomplicate your life, but still feel unsatisfied as a person. This is the only proof we need that there’s more to the story of your self-worth than how you look or how much stuff you can collect in your cupboards!

    Your self-worth has little to do with what you eat or how you look and everything to do with what you believe yourself capable of contributing to the lives of others.

    You can change your diet, your dress, the shine of your hair, the lotions and potions you lather on your skin, but you won’t really start to feel alive or fulfilled until you change what you believe to be true about your value to the lives of people around you.

    In a world where 90% of people would rather die than change the way they live*, we need something more sustainable than cosmetic fixer uppers and network marketing to raise the state of women in the world.

    We don’t need another pretty plastic packaged solution to cellulite or wrinkles or dehydrated skin.

    We need courage, commitment, persistence and pure, positive energy to change the way we live. Our Operation Move Over Mary Kay is an initiative designed to get women engaged with their communities through spa nights, pj parties, easy home workshops and tea parties to share and empower one another with simple solutions for health, beauty, food, friendship and all aspects of women’s health.

    The solutions are simple. Walk into any woman’s home with a bottle of vinegar, a jar of coconut oil, some sea salt and baking soda and you will radically improve her health, beauty and overall well-being. It is possible to have a sustainable, ethical, empowering model for women’s health, and we’re doing it! 

    But it’s a big job, so we’d love to have your help!

    To announce the official launch of Operation Move Over Mary Kay, if you purchase our be you authentic beauty kit before midnight on August 31st you’ll  be invited to be a part of our “Operation Move Over Mary Kay.”

    This means you’ll receive a special invitation to our Official Launch Teleseminar on September 13th where I will be explaining all the details of how this works, and providing participants access to spa party plans,  healthy home workshop outlines and everything you need to get started as a part of this new wave of wellness for women!

    As part of our Operation Move Over Mary Kay, I’ll be hosting a LIVE teleseminar training for the women who have purchased our be you authentic beauty kit, and during this call I’ll share:

    • How any woman (regardless of her income, age or ability in sales) can kickstart a career or side project making money while helping others improve their health and wellbeing.
    • You can easily earn backstage access to our programs and services by hosting a few natural beauty spa nights or PJ parties with your friends!
    • Why if you’ve been wanting to come on board the company, but couldn’t afford our Certified  and Executive Coaching, this is your best chance to join the team.
    • Why if you want to find out how to be a part of our “Authentic Beauty” movement now is the time to get on board.
    • If you know you’re ready to play a bigger game, but  need a field to play on and a few other teammates to play with, then this is for you.

    Whether you want to make a few extra dollars, or plan a future career change helping other people live better and and healthier lives, Operation Move Over Mary Kay is coming and you definitely want to be on board!

    Order your authentic beauty kit today!

    Your coming on board to help make this dream possible is the best birthday present a gutsy gal like me could ever ask for! 😉

    Here’s to big dream speeches, meteors, and fiery redheads who help make the end of August worth celebrating!

    Love and LOTS of birthday candles,

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    A Letter to My Almost Grown Up Daughter: Love Lessons on Authenticity


    A Letter to My Almost Grown Up Daughter: Love Lessons on Authenticity

    Dear Mika,

    The last few weeks have presented me with some of the scariest, and simultaneously most empowering, moments I’ve ever known as a parent. Forgive me for choosing a public forum to share this letter with you, but it felt like the right thing to do.

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