Thinking About Signing Up For Our BE Green Program? Follow Along With Miriam!


Thinking About Signing Up For Our BE Green Program?  Follow Along With Miriam!

by Miriam Campbell

BE Green: Transition Week – Green Smoothies Galore!

Hey there super heroes!  Welcome to the world of Green Smoothies!  Have you seen the delicious looking image depicting the 21 Day Green Smoothie Detox, and want to find out more?  Follow along with my experience of this detox program, starting with the initial transition week…

Today marks the last day of my transition week of the Green Smoothie Detox.  I am not new to raw foods, but having been away from home for four of the last six weeks, I have not been prioritizing getting a lot of good fresh fruit and greens in my diet.  It seemed like a great opportunity to clean up this part of my life, and I love the fact that you can sign up to do the detox, and it begins the following Sunday. Read more »

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Ravishing Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs You Can’t Resist!

- Stacey Terry


Ravishing Raw Chocolate Eggs You Can’t Resist!

- by Marie-Claire Hermans of Ravishing Raw

I wish I had known about raw food when my kids were little. Both were very allergic to dairy and it was the era before any alternative was available but the first boxes of soy milk. Every Easter I wondered how I could give them the time of their life in the garden, looking for chocolate eggs without becoming sick after eating them. Read more »

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Creating Memories Around Healthy Food


Food And Memories

One of my favorite memories as a very young girl, is visiting my grandparents and sitting at the bar in the kitchen next to ‘Pepaw,’ reading the newspaper with him (i.e. looking at the pictures and reading the titles) and drinking ‘coffee milk,’ (milk with a tiny splash of coffee). I started very young with this little addiction! I felt so grown up, sitting there early in the morning reading very grown up news and drinking a ‘for-grown-ups-only’ drink. Read more »

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Raw Recipe: Fruit And Nut Chocolate Treats In Time For Easter!

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Treats In Time For Easter!

by Joanne Newell


I don’t know too many people who don’t like chocolate. There’s just something about it, isn’t there? Unfortunately, most conventional chocolates are chock-full of sugar, milk compounds and emulsifiers – do yourself a huge favour this Easter by making these sweet chocolatey treats from natural, health-giving ingredients. They’re still an indulgence, but I guarantee you’ll feel better! Read more »

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Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Produce

clean produce434x289

Top 5 Ways To Clean Your Produce

by Carissa Leventis-Cox

My mother is Mrs. Clean and she is worried about the parasites and other undesirable microorganisms in the raw foods that we eat.  So to ease her mind, this post is for my Mama and for all you Mamas out there who want clean and non-toxic food for your family!

Me: Yes, I do clean my veggies!
My mother: How?

Read more »

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