The Truth About Your Food – Hidden Dangers On Your Dinner Plate


The Truth About Your Food – Hidden Dangers On Your Dinner Plate

A interview

You might think, when you’re walking through the produce section of your local grocery store, that you’re doing yourself a favor to fill your basket with fruits and vegetables of one kind and another.  But the invisible pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other genetically modified organisms, are turning the produce section into a profitable opportunity for chemical companies.  And of course, beyond the fruit and veggie basket, a host of processed foods in cans, boxes, tins, tupperware and styrofoam microwavable cups, are harboring unidentifiable ingredients on their labels.

Here are some key points from this interview:

  • There are two parts to a label – the nutrition part, and the ingredient part.  The fact is there’s a lot of hidden information on these labels
  • The ingredient listed first is what is in the product most, by weight
  • If something is in the product that is 2% or less, they do not have to be listed.  There could be many other things in the product that don’t have to be listed
  • What else is not on the label?  “processing aids” (thickeners etc), “harmless markers” (could be a dye, a molecule, that tells the company this is their product), and other things.

You can listen to this call right here:




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    Excellent series of talks. Thank you. Organic, free range eggs in Europe means that the chick is still vaccinated on the first day of birth. So the only option is to keep your own hens or find someone who does, traditionally and ethically. I disagree that people demanded longer shelf-life. This has been enforced and imposed since fridges replaced the cool pantry my Grandmother and Mother used to have. The queen has never been inoculated or vaccinated, nor have any of her ilk. Her servants pack 100 homoeopathic remedies prior to a trip in case of any unwellness. She has only eaten organic or biodynamic foods and her staff travel ahead 3 months before checking origin of all foods and wines for banquets. These chemicals are used to deplete the health and dull the wits of the masses (as Gabriel Cousens has also said about chemtrails). Then people are easier to control detached from their higher consciousness.


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