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  • Top Secret Recording: Toxic Beauty Product Ingredient List Exposed!

    toxic beauty care ingredients exposed

    Top Secret Recording: Toxic “High Quality” Beauty Product Ingredient List EXPOSED!

    After our recent Rethink Pink Summit exposing some rather uncomfortable truths about the “breast cancer awareness” movement, it
    became clear that one of the biggest health risks facing women is their cosmetics. All those pretty, plastic packages sold in the name of eternal beauty, fragrant seduction and a radiant, wrinkle-free glow, are a toxic combination of petrochemical poisons women lather on themselves as an act of “personal care.”

    “But I Use ‘Natural and Organic’ Beauty Care Products!”

    I’ve strolled the aisles of enough health food stores to realize that the solutions out there aren’t much better. Unless you get some hard-working, home-based hippie heroine to make your products from her kitchen sink, chances are good no matter how many pictures of leaves and flowers and butterflies have been plastered on the package, what you’re you’re buying isn’t nearly as “natural” as the manufacturer would like you to believe.

    Because of this, we’ve been working quietly in the background on a new line of natural beauty care products and we’ll be releasing it in just a few weeks! This is a project we’ve spent years planning, discussing and organizing and it’s about to happen! While doing the research on other high end brands, and “luxury” cosmetics we came across a product whose label has been posted here:

    CAUTION: Poison May Appear Pretty in Plastic Packages

    ingredients-listWhile talking with chemical engineer, Donna Kasuska (more about her below), I asked her to decipher and explain the ingredient list on this product. In our upcoming beauty kit, we include a 50ml bottle of facial cleanser/moisturizer. So while looking at the prices and other products out there I stumbled upon a 50ml facial moisturizer that sold for a whopping $483 Canadian a jar! I used my conversation Donna as a chance to get the nitty gritty on this product’s ingredient list. (She didn’t know I was recording the conversation at the time, but has obviously been informed since then and agreed to my releasing this recording.)

    Just so you understand the context, at the moment I started recording the call Donna was responding to the word “Nanotechnology” which this product claimed was the secret to its “powerful healthy breakthrough.” As you’ll learn in this interview, nano technology scares the pants off our friendly, neighbourhood chemical engineer!

    While this product may call itself “revolutionary” my hope is that it sparks up a revolution of women who want authentic beauty in every sense of the word and who are no longer willing to compromise or be hoodwinked by clever marketing campaigns to get it!

    Listen In As Donna Deciphers the Hidden Poisons in This $500 Jar of “Luxury” Face Cream:



    Here’s what the manufacturer had to say about their product: 

    “A powerful healing breakthrough, this extraordinary cream consistently replenishes skin’s energy using nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold. By promoting cell metabolism and stimulating collagen production, skin retains optimal health and youthful vitality. In this revolutionary product, nanoparticles of 24-karat gold are bound to silk microfibers, a natural protein that is moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Through nanotechnology, these elements reach the cellular level where they act as the ultimate healing and preserving force.”

    “Ideal for older, sun-damaged, dull and/or normal-to-dry skin.”

    Meet Donna Kasuska: An Insider Revolts!

    “One day while I was being a “good mom” and requiring my son to put on sunscreen, he begged me not to put any on his legs because it was burning his scraped knees. I checked the label to see if there was anything in there that would cause pain and was horrified when I realized what was in that bottle of sunscreen: oxybenzone, methanol, propylene glycol, and a host of other dangerous chemicals. It suddenly occurred to me that the “protective substance” that I was rubbing on my son contained exactly the same chemicals that I had been protecting workers from in the plants! The question occurred to me: Why would these chemicals be any less hazardous in the sunscreen than they are in the chemical plant?

    So my curiosity led me to begin reading every label I could get my hands on!

    When I ran out of labels in my house I went to the supermarket and read the labels of products that I didn’t even use, just to find out more. I did research and began making connections between my work and the ingredients in my favorite foods and products. I came to the conclusion that I was literally poisoning myself and my family with familiar products that we used every day–products that I thought were healthy, such as sunscreen, “reduced fat” and “whole grain snacks”, antibacterial soap and even (gasp!) my vitamins!!”

    A Spring Cleaning Series to Spark Up A Revolt

    Excited about the chance to get my microphone up close and personal with a woman who knows all about chemicals and what they’re doing to us, I asked Donna to join me in delivering a free series of calls designed to demystify the labels on your food, cleaners and beauty care products!

    Here are just some of the things we’ll be discussing in this series:

    • How Much Toxicity Can Your Body Take?
    • What to Do About the Invisible Toxins in Your Water Supply
    • Ed Brown Investigates Unacceptable Levels of Toxicity
    • The Truth About Your Food: Hidden Dangers on Your Dinner Plate
    • The Not So Pretty Face of Personal Care Products
    • Airborne Toxins: Why What You Can’t See Can Hurt You!
    • Improving Indoor Air Quality with Dr. John Roeder
    • Green Cleaning Solutions for a Safe, Healthy Home
    • Saunas & the Sweaty Truth About Detoxification
    • And much, much more!!

    Sign up now and join us for a Spring Cleaning Summit starting on May 19th we’ll be diving in for an ongoing series of empowering conversations that will help you demystify your ingredient lists, inform yourself honestly of the risks and choose simpler, safer, healthier options for you and your family.

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    5 Responses to “Top Secret Recording: Toxic Beauty Product Ingredient List Exposed!”

    1. By Anna on May 7, 2014

      Hi Tera, I was only able to hear about 20 seconds of the call before it repeatedly cut off. Either way I think what you are doing is great. With the thousands, perhaps millions, of women that you reach, this necessary message is in good hands. I applaud you for everything you hae been engaged in lately. You make me proud.


    2. By Moira Dolan MD on May 7, 2014

      Thanks for the attention on this! I want to bring to your attention that most dermabrasion machines use particulate aluminum to treat the skin. Not a good idea!


    3. By Jo on May 8, 2014

      Mind blowing information and mind blowing what we fall for in the name of and cunning life of marketing.We are like sheep lured to our prey and a lazy society, going for the quick fix, the temporary solution to cover our imperfections. We use, ingest, slap on and then cover up our eyes to the facts. Most often think we just don’t want to know until there is a wake up call with disease. Until it affects us personally we just don’t want to know, to think about or do the research. I know it gets very confusing reading labels, reading big words with hidden meanings combined with the words all natural, no preservatives added etc. Rule of thumb should be if there is more than 3 ish ingredients really think before you buy it. Thank you for your tireless efforts and all you do Tera and Team for bringing awareness to the ones that are open to it and the ones who sleep. Hopefully our alarms go off soon.


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